Contribution Of Muslim Scientists In Science Pdfs

Contribution of muslim scientists in science pdfs

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Chemistry is a study of reactions between chemicals and substances that most people experience in their everday life. All of our medicines and household products are the result of a history of chemical studies and discoveries.

Below is a list of some of the most important chemists of all time organized by the significance of their contributions to this field. Disclaimer Privacy Policy. Famous Chemists Chemistry is a study of reactions between chemicals and substances that most people experience in their everday life. She was able to isolate and study the compounds and nature of radium. Louis Pasteur — Famous For: The process of Pasteurization and creation of Vaccines for Rabies and Anthrax In addition to developing the process of Pasteurization, Louis Pasteur discovered the assymetrical molecular structure on certain crytals.

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He made some of the earliest vaccines for rabies and anthrax, and the reduction of a bacterial infection in what is known as puerperal fever. John Dalton — Famous For: Identification and presenting the atomic theory Recognized for his work on the atomic theory and research on color blindness.

Contribution of muslim scientists in science pdfs

He successfully identified chemical compounds and reactions affected by interaction of atoms with one another. George Washington Carver — Famous For: Promoting alternative crops to cotton, such as peanuts, soybeans, sweet potatoes George Washington Carver found different crops to use instead of cotton. He used peanuts, soybeans, sweet potatoes to keep the land productive.

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His intention was to keep the poor farmers healthy and productive. In addition he made the earliest type of what we know today as the Bunsen burner. He was the first to identify would known as nanoparticles in mettalic form. Alfred Nobel — Famous For: Inventing the dynamite As the inventor of the dynamite, Alfred Nobel is seen as a chemist, innovator, engineer, and arms manufacturer. One of his earliest inventions include the gas meter.

At one time, he held nearly patents on various items. He also was able to show the role of oxygen in plant respiration and in animals. It was he who showed that water was made of hydrogen and oxygen, and that air was composed mainly of oxygen and nitrogen in its gaseous state. His book, The Sceptical Chymyst , is considered a foundational source of literature on the field of chemistry.

Contribution of muslim scientists in science pdfs

Linus Pauling — Famous For: His work in molecular biology and quantum chemistry A recipient of the Nobel Prize in the field of chemistry in His work in the field of chemistry is chronicled in his book The Nature of the Chemical Bond is believed as one of the most foundational books on chemistry.

Dmitri Mendeleev — Famous For: Creating the table of elements used in chemistry and physics In addition to the creation of the periodic table, Mendeleev work on the spectroscope and the capillarity of liquids, both of which continue to be used to this day.

Contribution of muslim scientists in science pdfs

Politics got in the way of Dmitri from receiving the Nobel Prize in Joseph Priestley — Famous For: Inventing soda water As a chemist, Joesph Priestly has been credited with the discovery of oxygen. He shares that distinction with Lavoisier and Scheele.

Mario Molina Famous For: Discovered the ozone hole in the Antarctic As one of three recipients of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in , Molina co-discovered the harm that chlorofluorocarbons had on the ozone layer. In addition, people remember for his identifying earth based alkaline metals and alkali itself.

He received a Nobel Prize in for his advancement of the field of femtochemistry. He was awarded the Nobel Prize two times, both for his work in chemistry, in and in This is named aptly as the Cannizaro reaction.

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Thomas Graham Famous For: His work on the diffusion of gases and the application of dialysis. The discovery of Graham on the use of dialysis has its roots on his study of colloids. He was able to separate crystalloids from colloids using a dialyzer.

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Stanislao Cannizzaro Famous For: The Cannizzaro reaction Cannizzaro worked extensively on organic chemistry in addition to his explanation which on how certain chemical reactions take place certain elements lact the hydrogen atom.