Chebanenko Slav According Bologan Pdf Editor

Chebanenko slav according bologan pdf editor

Viktor Bologan and the Chebanenko Slav

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Contents Foreword by Alexey Shirov. Chapter 1 : The Exchange 5. Therefore it's important Some of us know less, others more.

Chebanenko slav according bologan pdf editor

And, of course, guru. His old ideas half a ation l. As well as memories of people who opening, of course, and also referring to never knew the modern times. Viktor Gavrikov's article. When those comments The year was sad for both Viorel I saw I distrusted everybody involved, as I dogmatically thought that and me.

The chess community lost two a tempo could not be wasted like this. I was supposed to write a tribute to my countryman but haven't done it yet - who knows when I I At the beginning Vyacheslav Chebanenko was like a ghost for me.

I got to in know Vyacheslav Andreevich personally chess research, in when he was helping Oratovsky markable trainers of his time. He left in his match versus Kramnik in Moscow world too early but and I attended the meeting of Botvinnik alive. Of course, the place I first met of time and technology.

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Chebanenko was his hotel room and man a true workaholic in we immediately started analysing the Slav Finally I should thank Viorel Bologan with 4. Now the reader the Vyacheslav Chebanenko would normally has everything he needs to know try not to let his knowledge be spread old strategic ideas and the latest concrete outside the!

And the fact that sometimes exception, perhaps pieces don't get exchanged before move with me he made an - because I was Viorel's friend. I used to think it was a loss of tempo butitis not!

The Chebanenko Slav According to Bologan

Without them, I could not even have begun work. Doctor Chebanenko's thing else, I'll just work something out over the board. That is assuming one was a professional, and analysed other people's games , and studied good books - if you were a complete lazybones , then better not to play chess at ail!

But we liked to play!


Philosopher's Stone It was all a long time ago. Back in those days, people , chess players included, used to use their own heads to think. One used to sit down before a game and decide - OK, if he plays this, I will choose that plan ; if h e does this, I'll follow that well-known game , and if he does any- - OK, you win, said the maestro of Moldavian chess, Vyacheslav Andreevich Chebanenko, stretching himself out on his sofa. It is time to introduce the Doctor, as Vyacheslav Andreevich was called by the older generation of his pupils.

Chebanenko slav according bologan pdf editor

He also managed to interest the whole chess world in his ideas, even such grandiose figures as Tigran Petrosian and Garry Kasparov. Chess Chebanenko invented and worked out in ideas were still dominated by relatively detail the It is worth seeing how it changed the 3. The author with the inventor. But then it turned out that, by 1 0. Viktor Gavrikov passed the baton to Victor Bologan.

Chebanenko slav according bologan pdf editor

End of extract Ua8-d8 1 8. The title of 'Doctor' was given to In the words of Bologan, always lay full-length , and then dictated A page from the author's notebook during his Chebanenko days.

Chebanenko slav according bologan pdf editor

And then the pupil. She did not have a very good memory. Black gives his opponent the move. It may very well be by analogy with this that the move 4. After finishing hIS studies. He always had his own approach to chess. We spent a lot of time analysing the most varied positions. I have a very open, dynamic sty Ie, whereas he tended to look at the sort of positions that I could not really get on with, and this put me off somewhat.

For example, Chebanenko really liked the line l. Nowadays this is considered a maj or variation. I remember that we even played a match. I do not recall the result of the match. Thanks to Chebanenko I played a lot of games. And if the knight Doctor.


He had a deep knowledge of did not come to d5, then Chebanenko did chess strategy. He was a great researcher, exactly what he did in the Sicilian, and although it was not only opening ideas took immediately on c3, carrying out the that interested him, but chess strategy in same plan that he loved - the battle general. He had studied Nimzowitsch's against doubled pawns. After he tify its strategic basis.

Chebanenko slav according bologan pdf editor

W hen you analyse on your Petrosian match. Chebanenko would come spent about days polishing up the to a training session and say 'Look, I have variation, and then wrote it an out in a a new idea' , and would set up on the notebook. Unfortunately, I no longer have board the critical position, which would the notebook. Over time, his pupils In those days, in the main, we played the grew up, and became strong opponents, King's Indian, and only rarely the Slav: who had from the beginning developed Later, when we found some problems the art of analysis.

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In those days, there with the King's Indian, we returned to the were no computers, and we all moved the Slav. There are many openings, after all, and one should not spend all one's time pieces by hand. Chebanenko worked a great deal, and the pieces on his magnetic on the same one! M lLlf6 It is interesting to note he had a suitable opponent albeit only that this motif appears nowadays a candidate master , in order that he could ill most all closed openings.

Chess Evolution №001-235

Against the French it was only 2. The pieces would then be placed very harmoniously within that pawn structure. The typical plan of preparing either. This exception to the general rule allowed Chebanenko to demonstrate his strategic talent.

The 4...a6 Slav Defense - Chess Openings Explained

The move. Nikolay Popov: ,. And then he developed his variation of the Slav, with 4. Nowadays this line has become widely-accepted, and even Kasparov devoted a whole chapter to it, in his book Revolu tion in the s.

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At a certain level, such as in Moldavian tournaments, this opening scored well. But in 19 7 5 , I played two games against Leonid Zaid, and he twIce defeated me with the move 5. As far as I know, however, nowadays Black is OK in this variation. I refused and went on to lose. He lived in a town about 50 km from Kishinev, and every day, he would catch the bus into the capital, to work with Chebanenko.

This was all done in his and became a double champion. Remarkably, Dreev did not lose a single Introduction.

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Extract from pages Nowadays it is I hear the speech not ofa boy, but ofa man. Almost every talented young player can When preparing for the world junior carry out energetic attacks. It was not hard to imagine its merits. T he first time the system with 4. Informant it was unlikely that Dreev. White, the variation 8.

Chebanenko slav according bologan pdf editor

In the game T horsteins decided to follow. Black equalised. As a result, an interesting opening duel arose in the game against T horsteins. If Actually, Peter Wells was in slightly too much of a hurry to agree a draw - he could still fight for a win by: White goes into them, since otherwise Black will play On Introduction Vi'c8 I S.

However, as Tukmakov pointed out, White could play more strongly : Itfb 1 is hardly any better 1 7.