Calibration Of Transmitters Pdf Creator

Calibration of transmitters pdf creator

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By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Table of Contents. Humidity and temperature transmitter series 52 pages. Humicap humidity and temperature transmitter 78 pages.

Calibration of transmitters pdf creator

Humicap humidity and temperature transmitter 88 pages. Humicap humidity and temperature transmitter series 90 pages. Page 2 The contents are subject to change without prior notice.

Calibration of transmitters pdf creator

Please observe that this manual does not create any legally binding obligations for Vaisala towards the customer or end user. All legally binding commitments and agreements are included exclusively in the Page 9 Options and Accessories Page Chapter 1 General Information This chapter provides general notes for the manual and the product. Contents of This Manual Chapter 1, General Information: This chapter provides general notes for the manual and the product. Appendix A, Dimensions: This appendix contains parts drawings of the transmitter housing, probes and some transmitter mounting accessories with metric and nonmetric dimensions specified.


Improper modification can damage the product or lead to malfunction. Vaisala products are adequately protected against ESD for their intended use. However, it is possible to damage the product by delivering electrostatic discharges when touching, removing, or inserting any objects inside the equipment housing.

License Agreement All rights to any software are held by Vaisala or third parties. The customer is allowed to use the software only to the extent that is provided by the applicable supply contract or Software License Agreement. Available output quantities are listed in the table below: Table Page Chapter 3 Installation During the installation work of the probes in gas group IIC areas requiring category I devices , it has to be guaranteed that even in fault cases sparks generated by impacts or friction on the surface of the housing can never occur.

Do not expose the transmitter to direct sunlight or rain. A rain shield is available and it is recommended for direct outdoor installations. When mounting the probe, select a place representing the process conditions.

Calibration of transmitters pdf creator

Page Figure 4 Vertical Mounting Of Probe If this is not possible and the probe must be inserted from the top, the point of entry must be carefully insulated. For Vaisala probe installation kits and some installation examples see section Probe Mounting on page The heat transfer is less evident if you remove the protective filter of the sensor for a short- term test. Page Mounting The Transmitter Housing The probe can be detached and replaced when needed by simply unfastening the two Allen screws.

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The HMP provides for two measuring range options. Keep the fitting screw and the nut in place on the body of the probe during handling to prevent damage to the highly polished surface of the probe. Follow the instructions below to achieve a leak-tight assembly. The probe is especially suitable for measurements inside pipelines. Tighten the nut a further NOTE When measuring temperature dependent quantities make sure that the temperature at the measurement point is equal to that of the process, otherwise the moisture reading may be incorrect.

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After the installation, the probe should be sitting in the process chamber or pipeline as shown in Figure 16 on page Shut down the process if the process pressure is more than 10 bars. If the pressure is lower there is no need to shut down the process.

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Page Electrical Connections When using the transmitter in hazardous locations, the use of galvanic isolators or barriers is essential. Examples of connections and more information on installation in hazardous locations is Use at least 4 mm grounding cable when grounding the transmitter or barrier.

Note that the allowed resistance between barrier and system ground must be less than 1 ohm.

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Page Chapter 4 Operation The optional display shows the measurement results. Always use a wet cloth for wiping the display.

How to calibrate(Calibration) Differential pressure transmitter using HART

Note that only the ordered quantities can be selected. The special option gives you the choice of setting any ordered quantity to each channel. It is possible to check the pressure setting of the transmitter by pressing button Dn.

Vaisala HUMICAP HMT360 SERIES User Manual

To return to the temperature reading, press button Dn again. Page 51 Press button C to exit the display command mode or continue by selecting the output quantities. This menu starts automatically after the scaling menu only if the output selection DIP switches are on the position special all up from the beginning. Use the serial interface for calibration and testing purposes in safe areas only. Always use the serial interface cable optional accessory, Vaisala order code: ZZ.

Connect one end of the cable to the serial port of your computer and the other to the connector marked "RSC" Page Measuring At Overpressure When sampling pressurized processes exceeding the maximum measurement pressure of the probe, the pressure in the measurement chamber must be regulated to the acceptable level or below.

It is recommended to use pressure regulator before the measurement chamber to prevent remarkable pressure variations. Page Calibration And Adjustment In demanding applications it may be advisable to make the first calibration check earlier.

Calibration of transmitters pdf creator

Factory Calibration and Adjustment The device or the probe only can be sent to Vaisala Service Centers for calibration and adjustment. See section Technical Support on page 72 contact information. Second, the power supply and a multimeter is connected to the electronics unit according to the following instructions. Removing the Electronics Unit Figure For calibration and adjustment in a hazardous area use only an approved multimeter, which fulfills the safety factors printed on the protective cover.

Use the following equations to calculate the current values corresponding to the reference output quantities.

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Page Relative Humidity Adjustment You must again wait for the measured reading to stabilize When the transmitter detects that the reading is stable, it automatically stores the correction.

The text "Cal Pass" is displayed after the adjustment is performed. Page Manual Adjustment To continue with the high end two-point adjustment follow the instructions in the next section. If the low end adjustment is sufficient, press button E again to conclude the calibration.

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Page High End Adjustment hmt With Display when using a multimeter calculate the current value corresponding to the reference humidity by using the equations presented in Calculating Correspondence of Current Values and Output Quantities on page Conclude the one-point adjustment by pressing button E twice.

Reconnect the serial cable. Type the multimeter reading and press Enter. All other maintenance must be performed by qualified Vaisala personnel.

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If a transmitter is damaged, contact your nearest Vaisala Service Center. See section Product Returns on page 72 for contact information. Page Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Check that the sensor is connected properly.

Check if there is condensed water in the probe. If yes, let the probe dry. In case of constant error, contact the Vaisala Helpdesk. See section Technical Support on page 72 for contact information. Provide at least the following supporting information: Name and model of the product in question Serial number of the product Name and location of the installation site Name and contact information of a technically competent person who can provide further information on the problem.

Absolute humidity Page Accuracy Of Calculated Variables 3. This manual is also suitable for: Humicap hmt Humicap hmt Humicap hmt Humicap hmt Humicap hmt Humicap hmt Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

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