Butterworth Filter Matlab Pdf Reader

Butterworth filter matlab pdf reader

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I have been writing a very simple code to remove noise from a signal.

Butterworth filter matlab pdf reader

The signal is just a sinusoidal wave, the noise is a random matrix, and the noisy signal is the addition of both. Figure 2; which is the figure for comparing both the filtered signal and the original signal; always appear like the image below.

I believe that the Wn variable is not right, but I don't know how to calculate the correct normalized frequency.

Butterworth filter matlab pdf reader

Following this example form Matlab's documentation , if you want the cutoff frequency to be at fc Hz at a sampling frequency of fs Hz, you should use:. However you should note that this will produce a Butterworth filter with an attenuation of 3dB at the cutoff frequency.

If you want less signal attenuation, you should increase the filter cutoff frequency.


Of course doing so will also let a bit more noise through, so the exact amount is a trade-off between on how much signal attenuation your application can tolerate and how much noise you need to get rid of. For example, adding a margin of 1Hz and increasing the filter order which gives you less attenuation for the same margin with.

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The noise you add with rand has a uniform distribution in the range 0,1 , which offsets the input on average by 0. Gaussian distribution. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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Butterworth filter matlab pdf reader

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Butterworth filter matlab pdf reader