But Dont All Religions Lead To God Pdf Creator

But dont all religions lead to god pdf creator

Answers to Tough Questions About God and Life

If I said to you that I am planning to go to Washington D. We all know that you have to follow the right path or you will never arrive at your intended destination.

Likewise, the only way to get to heaven is to follow the right road, and Jesus Christ claims to be that Road. If He is not, he was either a liar, a lunatic, or a deceived man.

Consider four ways that the major religions teach different doctrines about the most important things: The religions do not teach the same morality. For example, Hinduism has a caste system that locks men into a certain status from birth, and the low caste are considered inferior to the high.

In places where Hinduism is still followed in its purest forms, such as Nepal and rural India, the caste system is very strong.

But Don't All Religions Lead to God?: Navigating the Multi-Faith Maze

In Nepal, low castes are not even allowed into the homes of high castes. In many villages, the low castes are not allowed to drink out of the same wells and fountains as the high caste. Though some Hindu scholars claim that the caste system is not an integral part of Hinduism, it has been practiced by Hindus for thousands of years and has support from the Hindu scriptures.

But dont all religions lead to god pdf creator

In Hinduism, morality is largely relative. Take lying, for example. Even the Hindu gods themselves lie.

Yet the Bible teaches that lying is a great sin.


The Bible says that God hates the lying tongue Prov. It says that the liar is a wicked person Prov. It says that Satan is the father of lies and those who tell lies are following in his evil ways John The Bible even says that all liars who die without salvation will be punished in eternal hell.

Obviously, what Hinduism teaches about lying and what the Bible teaches are different and contradictory. If one is right, the other is wrong.

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The religions also do not teach the same things about God. The Bible teaches that God had no beginning; He is eternal.

But dont all religions lead to god pdf creator

He made all things, but He is not all things. It teaches that God is not to be worshipped in the form of idols. It says that God is Almighty and omnipotent, that he can do anything, and he is omniscient, meaning he knows all things.

The Bible teaches that God is holy. The Bible says God is love, that even though men have sinned against him and broken his law and turned to their own way, that God loves them and provided salvation for them by coming into the world and dying on the cross.

Bible book of job chapter 40-41

Consider Hinduism. He is deceitful, disobedient, and lascivious.

Aren't all religions the same? And isn't Jesus just one of many prophets?

But Yasodha and Nanda, who had no control over him, just laughed at his antics. As a youth, Krishna enchanted and intoxicated the cowherd women with his flute playing. The religions also do not teach the same thing about Jesus. The Bible says Jesus is the eternal God who created all things.

Don't All Religions Lead to God?

He came into the world 2, years ago by the virgin birth. He ascended back to heaven and is coming again to rule the world. Hinduism teaches that Jesus was a great guru who learned religious wisdom and attained to an exalted status, but Hindus do not believe that Jesus is the only God and Creator and the only Saviour from sin.

Judaism teaches that Jesus was a deceived Jewish rabbi who falsely claimed to be the Messiah and who was crucified for his lies. It is obvious that the various major religious do not teach the same thing about Jesus.

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The religions also do not teach the same thing about salvation. All religions except Bible Christianity, teach that salvation is by works. In Islam, salvation is achieved through praying five times a day toward Mecca, celebrating Ramadan, giving alms, going on a pilgrimage to Mecca, etc.

According to the Bible, salvation is not what man does for God; it is what God has done for man.

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God Himself has provided salvation as a gift by coming into the world and dying on the cross to suffer the punishment that men deserve.

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But dont all religions lead to god pdf creator

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But dont all religions lead to god pdf creator

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But dont all religions lead to god pdf creator