Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Design Hanselman Pdf To Word

Brushless permanent magnet motor design hanselman pdf to word

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Fundamentals of mechanics of machines. Watkins , T. Davenport , M. Jacobi [35]. An axial-flux permanent-magnet brushless DC motor [14] was. Vector Field. This paper deals with the analytical design of an axial flux permanent magnet AFPM in-wheel synchronous motor for electric vehicles EVs. Dec 16, - was optimized utilizing a multifunctional optimization system tool.

Keywords: pedal electric cycle; axial-flux permanent magnet motor; cycloidal Figure 2. Abstract--The rotor position is necessary to achieve the vector control drive system of Permanent Magnet. In this thesis, the resolver.

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Brushless permanent magnet motor design hanselman pdf to word

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permanent magnet motor technology: design and ...

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Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN hardcover : alk. Permanent magnet motors. G54 XV 1 Introduction. Numerical examples. Commutator Motors. Brushless Motors. Stator Windings. It is expected that the development of electric machines, mostly PM machines and associated power electronics in the next few years will be stimulated by large scale applications such as a computer hardware, b residential and public applications, c land, sea and air transportation and d renewable energy generation [].

The development of PM machines is, however, not limited to these four major areas of application since PM machines are vital apparatus in all sectors of modern society, such as industry, services, trade, infrastructure, healthcare, defense, and domestic life.

In the last two decades new topologies of high torque density PM motors, high speed PM motors, integrated PM motor drives, and special PM motors have gained maturity. The largest PM brushless motor in the world rated at In comparison with the edition, the 3rd edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, new chapters on high speed motors and micromotors have been written and more numerical examples and illustrative material have been added.

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Henry , H. Pixii , W. Ritchie , F. Of course, the use of very poor quality hard magnetic materials steel or tungsten steel soon discouraged their use in favor of electromagnetic excitation systems.

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The invention of Alnico in revived PM excitation systems; however, its application was limited to small and fractional horsepower d. At the present time most PM d. Cage induction motors have been the most popular electric motors in the 20th century.

Brushless permanent magnet motor design hanselman pdf to word

The use of PM brushless motors has become a more attractive option than induction motors. The prices of rare earth magnets are also dropping, which is making these motors more popular. Servo motor technology has changed in recent years from conventional d.

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A PM brushless motor has the magnets mounted on the rotor and the armature winding mounted on the stator. Thus, the armature current is not transmitted through a commutator or slip rings and brushes.

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These are the major parts which require maintenance. In PM brushless motors the power losses are practically all in the stator where heat can be easily transferred through the ribbed frame or, in larger machines, water cooling systems can be used [9, 24, ].

The PM brushless motor electromechanical drive has become a more viable option than its induction or reluctance counterpart in motor sizes up to 10 — 15 kW. Typical examples where these points are key selection criteria are stepping motors for computer peripheral applications and servo motors for machine tools or robotics.

Brushless permanent magnet motor design hanselman pdf to word

A servo motor drive is a drive with a speed or position feedback for precise control where the response time and the accuracy with which the motor follows the speed and position commands are extremely important. In a variable-speed drive VSD the accuracy and the response time with which the motor follows the speed command are not important, but the main requirement is to change the speed over a wide range.

In all electromechanical drives where the speed and position are controlled, a solid state converter interfaces the power supply and the motor. Basic armature waveforms for three phase PM brushless motors: a sinusoidally excited, b square wave.

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Brushless motor drives fall into the two principal classes of sinusoidally excited and square wave trapezoidally excited motors. Sinusoidally excited motors are fed with three-phase sinusoidal waveforms Fig. All phase windings conduct current at a time.

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Square wave motors are also fed with three-phase waveforms shifted by one from another, but these waveshapes are rectangular or trapezoidal Fig. Such a shape is produced when the armature current MMF is precisely synchronized with the rotor instantaneous position and frequency speed.

The most direct and popular method of providing the required rotor position information is to use an absolute angular position sensor mounted on the rotor shaft. Only two phase windings out of three conduct current simultaneously. Such a control scheme or electronic commutation is functionally equivalent to the mechanical commutation in d.

This explains why motors with square wave excitation are called d. An alternative name used in power electronics and motion control is self-controlled synchronization []. Owing to the action of the mechanical commutator, control of a d. For these reasons the d. In many industrial applications such as agitators, extruders, kneading machines, printing machines, coating machines, some types of textile machinery, fans, blowers, simple machine tools, etc.

At the expense of increased torque ripple and supply harmonics, a half-controlled rather than fully-controlled bridge may be used up to about kW.

Brushless permanent magnet motor design hanselman pdf to word

If the motor is required to drive in both forward and reverse directions, and apply regenerative braking, a single fully controlled converter can still be used but with the possibility of reversing the armature current Fig.

Electromechanical drives such as for rolling mills, cranes and mine winders are subject to rapid changes in speed or in load. Similarly, in those textile, paper or plastics machines where rapid control of tension is needed, frequent small speed adjustments may request rapid torque reversals. In these cases a four-quadrant dual converter comprising two semiconductor bridges in antiparallel, as in Fig.

Natural or line commutation between successively conducting power semiconductor switches takes place when the instantaneous values of consecutive phase voltages are equal and cross each other.

Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Design

The phase with a decreasing voltage is suppressed, while that with an increasing voltage takes over the conduction. Natural commutation may not be possible in such situations when the armature inductance is very small, e. The normal phase control would cause unacceptable torque ripple without substantial smoothing which, in turn, would impair the response of the motor []. This can be accomplished by means of a forced-commutation circuit, usually consisting of capacitors, inductors and, in some designs, auxiliary thyristors.

Forced commutation is used mostly for the frequency control of a. When the mean value of the chopper output voltage is reduced below the armature EMF, the direction of the armature current cannot reverse unless T2 and D2 are added.

In this way regenerative braking can be achieved []. Full four-quadrant operation can be obtained with a bridge version of the chopper shown in Fig. Transistors or GTO thyristors allow the chopper to operate at the higher switching frequencies needed for low-inductance motors. Chopper controlled d.


Typical applications are machine tools, generally with one motor and chopper for each axis, all fed from a common d.

Motor-side converters inverters have load commutation if the load, e. The intermediate circuit energy is stored in the inductor.

The inverter is a simple three-phase thyristor bridge. Load commutation is ensured by overexcitation of the synchronous motor so that it operates at a leading power factor leading angle is approximately []. This causes a decrease in the output power. The elimination of forced commutation means fewer components, simpler architecture, and consequently lower converter volume, mass, and losses.

Brushless permanent magnet motor design hanselman pdf to word

A four-quadrant operation is possible without any additional power circuitry. Under these conditions, the current commutation is provided by the line converter going into an inverter mode and forcing the d.

Brushless permanent magnet motor design hanselman pdf to word

The maximum output frequency of a load-commutated current source inverter CSI is limited by the time of commutation, which in turn is determined by the load.