Approaches To Human Resource Planning Pdf

Approaches to human resource planning pdf

Focus on Functional Activities and Process Orientation

We often hear the term Human Resource Management, Employee Relations and Personnel Management used in the popular press as well as by Industry experts. Whenever we hear these terms, we conjure images of efficient managers busily going about their work in glitzy offices.

As outlined above, the process of defining HRM leads us to two different definitions.

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The first definition of HRM is that it is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner. This covers the fields of staffing hiring people , retention of people, pay and perks setting and management, performance management, change management and taking care of exits from the company to round off the activities.

This is the traditional definition of HRM which leads some experts to define it as a modern version of the Personnel Management function that was used earlier.

Approaches of human resource planning, in Nepali , part 11

The second definition of HRM encompasses the management of people in organizations from a macro perspective i. This approach focuses on the objectives and outcomes of the HRM function.

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These definitions emphasize the difference between Personnel Management as defined in the second paragraph and human resource management as described in the third paragraph. The key difference is HRM in recent times is about fulfilling management objectives of providing and deploying people and a greater emphasis on planning, monitoring and control.


In the 21st century organizations, the HR manager or the people manager is no longer seen as someone who takes care of the activities described in the traditional way. In fact, most organizations have different departments dealing with Staffing, Payroll, and Retention etc.

Approaches to human resource planning pdf

We shall touch upon the other topics that this field covers in other articles. Importance of HRM. Scope of HRM.

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Approaches to human resource planning pdf

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Approaches to human resource planning pdf

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Human Resource Management (HRM) - Definition and Concept

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