Annotate Pdf Ipad Youtube Playlist

Annotate pdf ipad youtube playlist

At some point during the course of my last semester in college, I decided that it would be a good idea to buy myself one of those new-fangled iPad Mini… thingies. Also, at some point during last semester, I also thought it would be a good idea to sit in a shopping cart playing imaginary Guitar Hero while a shirtless guy pushed me around a parking lot in freezing weather.

To be frank ha. The Mini, however, is perfect.

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With a 7. There are also like Guam-billion apps in the app store. Or maybe just , Here are my top 22 apps for college students. Clever HD is a wonderful alternative Evernote client for iPad. In my tests, I found that Clever is faster and quite a bit more stable than the official app.

Paper stands out from the rest because of its interface. If you want to keep up with the latest in news, Flipboard is provides what is probably the most stylish way to do so. When I need to sit down and write a huge article, I like to do it in a distraction-free environment. This app features a beautifully simple interface, and also utilizes the fantastic Markdown editing syntax to help you keep your hands on the keyboard and the ideas flowing out of your fingers.

Pair this app with a bluetooth keyboard , and you could easily leave your laptop at home when heading out to write a huge paper. Skitch is another app that integrates with Evernote. However, instead of attempting to replace the default Evernote experience, it adds on to it. With Skitch, you can annotate pictures, PDF documents, web pages, maps, or simply draw a pictures. The code in the screenshot above is my own, and I had a great time editing it using Textastic. If you want to code on the iPad, get it.

Ah, Dropbox.

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One of the very first apps I ever wrote about on College Info Geek. Dropbox lets you keep all your files backed up and synced to every device you own, plus the cloud. Log in to the Dropbox website on a school computer, download it, and print it out.

Want to send a file from to a friend from your phone? Just grab the link from the Dropbox app. As Chrome is my main browser on my computers, using it on my iPad and iPhone comes with several benefits. All my bookmarks sync to every device, so I can navigate the web fast.

I also love using the omnibar, which makes searching the web much easier.

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Well, what a coincidence! Martin just wrote a pretty thorough review of Trello recently — the verdict? If you find yourself juggling lots of projects, Trello might be a better option for you than a more straightforward task manager like Wunderlist. Give it a try!

In my opinion, iBooks provides a vastly superior reading experience on the iPad than the Kindle app does. Your books are organized on a beautiful wooden shelf, instead of just floating on the screen.

Annotate pdf ipad youtube playlist

I simply turn on the web sharing option in Calibre and download them through Safari. However, if you already have a Kindle device, or need to access your content on a Windows PC as well, the Kindle app may sync up better with your life.

Annotate pdf ipad youtube playlist

In college, we get ridiculous reading loads dumped into our laps. Ever wished for a faster way of getting through it all? Well, the answer is simple: just teach yourself to speed read. On the iPad, you can do this with ReadQuick. This is simple app that allows you to fetch articles from multiple sources — Instapaper, Pocket, several big blogs and news sources — or you can simply pull the content from any web page by typing in the address. After getting your source, you set your speed reading settings, and then ReadQuick will flash the article at you, word-by-word.

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By adjusting the Words Per Minute setting, you can control how fast the words flash in front of your eyes. Essentially, Anki is the best app ever for learning lots of facts. This method of testing has been scientifically shown to help you learn faster and better.

Annotate pdf ipad youtube playlist

It also cuts down on needless studying. When you answer a question, you rate how easy it was to recall the answer. Based on this rating, Anki will decide how long to wait until testing you on that item again. I use Anki daily for my self-study programs — particularly for studying Japanese. Luckily, the desktop versions of Anki are free. I believe the app cost is to support that freeness. The app provides free access to courses and materials from tons of universities around the world.

GoodNotes 5 as a PDF reader: EVERYTHING you need to know

Paprika is an app that has helped me immensely with this problem. This app lets you browse recipes on tons of huge cooking websites.

Annotate pdf ipad youtube playlist

When you find one you like, you can have the app download the details — ingredients, prep instructions, nutritional info, and more. From there, you can set your iPad up in your kitchen and get to work. Paprika even includes a shopping list feature, so you can head to the store and make sure you get everything you need for particular recipe.

Rdio is my current favorite streaming music service, and its iPad app works beautifully. Unlike Spotify, Rdio gives you the ability to add songs and albums from its catalog to a personal collection , sorted by Artist and Album. Of course, you can also create playlists — but with the Collection feature, you can browse your favorite music like you would with your old iPod.


The app is also beautifully designed, and comes with a handy remote control feature; if Rdio is currently playing on your computer, you can use the iPad app to control it. Ever walked into class and suddenly remembered that you have to present that day — and you totally forgot to make your slides? And I remember frantically clicking through Powerpoint, trying to finish my slides just seconds before I was supposed to present.

If you need to make a complete, beautiful presentation quickly, Haiku Deck is the app for you. This app lets you browse and search through a huge collection of beautiful Creative Commons pictures. There are plenty of photo-editing apps on the iPad, but Photoshop Express is a particularly good one. This free app has a nice suite of tools that let you easily perform common photo editing tasks, so you can quickly snap and edit something without much effort.

Having a well-maintained Twitter account is, in my opinion, an integral part of a good personal brand. Like photo editing apps, there are plenty of Twitter clients for the iPad. However, I believe Tweetbot is easily the best. Mint allows you to keep track of all your checking and savings accounts, investments, property values, loan balances, and more. It makes managing multiple accounts easy, which is great for those of us that keep our money out of one pot in order to create spending firewalls.

The app also provides useful graphs and illustrates your spending habits. This is my absolute favorite productivity timer app; I simply set the tasks I need to do, give myself time limits, and become more productive.

Best iPad apps: The ultimate guide

In a few weeks, my bookshelf filled up with books on astronomy, biology, chemistry, psychology, and more. In addition, I began to look upward much more often at night. The Night Sky is the app I use to learn about stars through direct experience. I played World of Goo on the PC back in , and it instantly became one of my favorite games. The puzzle-based gameplay, the charming design, and the ethereal soundtrack all came together to create a wonderful experience.

On the iPad, the game is even better. Puzzle Craft is a game that seems overly simple, but quickly becomes enormously addicting. The core game has you drawing lines to match up as many alike tiles as possible, utilizing your limited amount of moves to collect as many resources as possible.

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You use the resources that you collect to build an ever-expanding town… then city… then kingdom. At its core, the game features a dude wearing a jetpack, trying to get as far into a laboratory as possible.

All you do is touch the screen to make him go up, and let go to make him fall down. Add in lots of power-ups, gadgets, vehicles, and challenges, though, and the game becomes pretty damn addicting. Almost as addicting as…. Puzzle and Dragons is probably my favorite iOS game.

Basically the game is a mix of Pokemon and Bejeweled. You match orbs on the bottom of the screen to provide attack power for monsters on your team of the corresponding color. Instead, you move one however much you want for about three seconds. Moving an orb will switch the place of every other orb in its path, and it quickly becomes necessary to move lots of orbs into place to create huge combos.

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22 Essential iPad Apps For College Students (+5 Awesome Games)

This is about the iPad Mini. Flipboard If you want to keep up with the latest in news, Flipboard is provides what is probably the most stylish way to do so.

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Skitch Skitch is another app that integrates with Evernote.