Air Source Heat Pump Installation Pdf

Air source heat pump installation pdf

Air source heat pump installation pdf

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Page of 93 Go. Table of Contents. Lg thermav system ah series air conditioners 86 pages. Air source heat pump vrf system condensing unit 97 pages. Page 3 3.

Air source heat pump installation guide

Page 7: Safety Precaution Safety Precautions 1. Safety Precautions To prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed. Page 8: Operation Warning Safety Precautions For installation, always Do not install the product on Be sure the installation area contact the dealer or an a defective installation does not deteriorate with Authorized Service Center.

Page General Information General Information 2. General Information With advanced inverter technology, is suitable for applications like under floor heating, under floor cooling, and hot water generation. By Interfacing to various accessories user can customize the range of the application. In this chapter, general information of is presented to identify the installation procedure. Accessories are presented LG Electronics, and 3rd party accessories are presented by related manufacturers.

Accessories supported by LG Electronics For detailed electric wiring and water piping, please contact authorized installer. Handle Used to cover or uncover the front case Installation Manual Page 20 General Information Indoor unit Internal Installation of Outdoor Unit The outdoor unit of is installed outside to exchange heat with ambient air. Therefore, it is important to secure proper space around the outdoor unit and care for specific external conditions.

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This chapter presents a guide to install the outdoor unit, make a route to connect with the indoor, and what to do when installed around seaside.

Page Installation At Seaside 3 Select a well-drained place. Installation of Indoor Unit The indoor unit of is installed inside where terminal of under floor water pipe cycle and refrigerant pipe from the outdoor unit are accessible at the same time.

In this chapter conditions for installation place is described.

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In addition, considerations when installing accessories or 3rd party accessories are described, too. After releasing eight screws, detach front cover from the indoor unit. While detaching the front cover, grab the carrying handles at left and right sides of the front cover. Then pull into upward direction. In most case, however, it is strongly recommended to set speed as Maximum. That means, according to the volume-pressure graph, total water volume of liter is supported as default.

Requirement for resolved chemical ingredients is following table. Parameter Value Parameter Value Acrylamide 0. Detailed installation for accessories including supported accessory specification, wiring, PCB setting for accessory configuration, etc will be dealt in separated chapter.

Thermostat 1.


Page 39 Installation of Indoor Unit Installing recirculation pump When is used with sanitary water tank, it is STRONGLY recommended to install recirculation pump to prevent flooding out cold water at the end of hot water supply and to stabilize the water temperature inside the sanitary water tank - The recirculation pump should be operated when sanitary water demand is not required.

Page 3way Valve 2way Valve Installation of Indoor Unit 2Way 3way Valve 2Way 3way valve should be located between the indoor unit and the water tank. Before Cutting After Cutting Mice can not be appeared to prevent entering the indoor unit or attacking wires.

Piping and Wiring for Outdoor Unit Procedures about refrigerant piping and electric wiring at the outdoor are described in this chapter.

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Most of procedures are similar to those of LG Air Conditioner. Refrigerant Piping Before starting refrigerant piping, constraints in pipe length and elevation should be examined. After resolving all constraints, some preparations are required to proceed. As main cause of refrigerant leakage is defects in flaring work, please carry out correct flaring work in the following steps.

Step 1. Cut the pipes and the cable. Read following directions carefully. Indoor unit tubing Flare nut Pipings Outside diameter Torque inch Power cable is a cable which is used to supply external electricity to the outdoor unit.

A disconnection device to adequately disconnect all supply lines must be fitted. Page Finalizing Piping and Wiring for Outdoor Unit Finalizing After pipes are connected and electric cables are wired, pipe forming and some tests are remained. Especially, careful attention is required while proceeding leakage test because the leakage of the refrigerant effects degrade of performance directly.

Pressure in the system rises. Operating current rises.

Air source heat pump installation pdf

Cooling or heating efficiency drops. Moisture in the refrigerant circuit may freeze and block capillary tubing. Connect the charge hose end described in the preceding steps to the vacuum pump to evacuate Indoor unit the tubing and indoor unit.

Air source heat pump installation pdf

Confirm the "Lo and Hi" knob of the manifold valve is open. Piping and Wiring for Indoor Unit Procedures about water piping and electric wiring at the indoor unit are described in this chapter. Water piping and water circuit connection, water charging, pipe insulations will be shown for water piping procedures. It is normal condition because the sound is due to leakage of charged nitrogen gas inside the valve. The nitrogen gas is applied to secure quality assurance. Open all valves of whole water circuit.

Supplied water should be charged not only inside the indoor unit, but also in the under floor water circuit, sanitary water tank circuit, FCU water circuit, and any other water circuits controlled by the product.

Page Accessories Installation In this chapter, specifications about supported 3rd party accessories and how to connect to is introduced. It is noted that this chapter only deal with 3rd party accessories.

For accessories supported by LG Electronics, please refer to installation manual of each accessories. Find terminal block and connect wire as below. Do not connect external electric loads Wire L and N should be used only for operation Electric type thermostat. If solar thermal system is pre-installed at the installation field, solar thermal kit is required to interface solar thermal system — Bolt them into control box.

Page 65 Accessories Installation Step 6.

Air Source Heat Pump Cost

Find sanitary water tank sensor. The sensor should be mounted correctly to the sensor hole of sanitary water tank.

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Uncover heater cover of the sanitary water tank. It is located side of the tank.

Air source heat pump installation pdf

Step 2. Find terminal block and connect wires as below. Wires are field-supplied item. Uncover front cover of the indoor unit and open the control box. Page 2way Valve Accessories Installation 2Way Valve 2way valve is required to control water flow while cooling operation.

Role of 2way valve is to cut off water flow into under floor loop in cooling mode when fan coil unit is equipped for cooling operation.

Air source heat pump installation pdf

General Information supports following 2way valve. System Set-Up is designed to satisfy various installation environment, it is important to set up system correctly. If not configured correctly, improper operation or degrade of performance can be expected. If the installer setting mode is not set correctly, it could cause problems to the product, user injury or property damage. Delay Function Factory use only Description Description This function is used for preventing condensation on the floor in cooling mode.

Cut-off temperature.

Why install an air source heat pump?

Page 80 System Set-Up Code Item Detail Remark Function Sanitary water heating timers Determine following time duration : operation time of sanitary tank heating, stop time of sanitary tank heating, and delay time of Description sanitary tank heater operating.

This time duration defines how long time sanitary tank heating can Note be continued. To charge the refrigerant, the product must run in Cooling mode.

Air source heat pump installation pdf

Test run instantly makes the product working in Cooling mode for 18 minutes. If leakage found, Product Installation Refrigerant leakage contact qualified LG air conditioning installation person. In this case, prepare drainage treatment Drainage treatment for example, vessel to contain condensed dew to avoid water drop.

LG THERMA V Air-to-Water Heat Pump Installation Manual

Page Maintenance Check Points, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Maintenance To assure best performance of , it is required to perform periodical check and maintenance. It is recommended to proceed following check list for once a year. Turn off the power before proceeding maintenance Category Item Check Point