Afpa Wood Structure Design Data Pdf Download

Afpa wood structure design data pdf download

The WFCM includes design and construction provisions for connections, wall systems, floor systems, and roof systems. A range of structural elements are covered, including sawn lumber, structural glued laminated timber, wood structural sheathing, I-joists, and trusses.

This webinar provides an overview of the prescriptive and engineered provisions, tabulated values, design examples, and requirements for installation per the SDPWS and WFCM. The WFCM has recently been updated and contains both a prescriptive and engineering design approach.

Afpa wood structure design data pdf download

Although the prescriptive design will tend to provide more conservative results than the more efficient engineered design, designers may arrive more readily at a solution. This seminar includes examples of seismic and wind shear wall designs for segmented and perforated shear walls, utilizing the WFCM and the SDPWS along with a comparison of the results.

On completion of this course, participants are able to:.

Afpa wood structure design data pdf download

Equivalencies: 1. Both code-referenced standards provide procedures for designing diaphragms for wood construction. This presentation will demystify diaphragm design by providing wind and seismic design examples for in-plane lateral design of wood- and gypsum-sheathed diaphragms including high-load diaphragms.

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This presentation will provide an overview of the significant changes in the WFCM relative to the previous edition.

The WFCM provides code officials and designers with time-saving tools based on engineered and prescriptive solutions based on structural engineering principles for wood structures to resist anticipated lateral and gravity loads.

Using plans from a 2-story residence, a structure is prescriptively designed to resist high wind, seismic, and typical residential gravity loads.

This webinar will deal specifically with design of roof systems, and appropriate connections between roof, floor, wall, and foundations to maintain load path for wind uplift.

New shear wall aspect ratio limits for wind will also be examined. Main Menu Main Menu Pulldown.

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WFCM Editions Free View-only Download. Buy a PDF. Buy a Hardcopy.

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What's Changed? WFCM Commentary only available with purchase. Free Download. The design example uses plans from a 2-story residence as the basis for a structural design to resist wind, seismic and snow loads.

Afpa wood structure design data pdf download

Expand all Collapse all. Understand the differences between segmented and perforated shear wall design. Understand hold down design and special conditions that pertain to seismic hold downs. Analyze wood- and gypsum-sheathed diaphragms using prescriptive and engineered procedures.

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Evaluate special inspection requirements as required for high-load diaphragms.