Promatic Fa 1000 Flash Manual

Promatic fa 1000 flash manual

Promatic fa 1000 flash manual

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Promatic fa 1000 flash manual

Page 51 - Configuring Initiating and Indicating Ci For the latest compatability information visit www. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents.

Operation Manuals

Intelligent analog fire alarm control panel pages. All circuits are supervised for opens and ground faults, and indicating circuits are supervised for shorts. Model Description Expandable kit for the Canadian market. Install the main chassis in the BB backbox as shown in Figure 3 below, using the supplied hex-nuts. Group the incoming wires through the top of the enclosure to prepare them for wiring the modules.

Do not run the wires in-between the modules since this could cause a short circuit. Install the main and expander chassis into the BB enclosure, as shown in Figure 4, using the supplied hex-nuts. The expander chassis is equipped with a pre-assembled display board. Circuit adder modules are installed from right to left in two tiers back then front.

The Disconnect DIP-switches are replaced by slide switches.

Data connector for next Power connector for next adder module. JW3: Place jumper over pins 1 and 2 for the ability to remotely silence the bells on Zone 2.

JW4: Place jumper over pins 1 and 2 for the ability to remotely silence the bells on Zone 3. If Class A Style D is selected, the number of circuits is cut in half.

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If using a cellular or wireless service, use the Line 2 interface connection only. For use in the U. The ratings are outlined in the table below.

Promatic fa 1000 flash manual

To prevent sparking, do not connect the batteries. Connect the batteries after powering the system from the main AC supply. Check that all modules are installed in the proper location with the proper connections. Page Troubleshooting FA Installation and Operation Manual Troubleshooting Message Description Normally when a circuit trouble occurs, its designated trouble indicator will be illuminated, as well as the Common Trouble indicator and Trouble buzzer.

These labels slide into the plastic label templates on the panel. Two slide-in labels are also included for single-stage and two-stage operation.

Mircom FA-1000 SERIES Installation And Operation Manual

For the adder display, the labels are blank If the panel is left in either mode for over an hour with no operator activity, this LED will flash at the trouble flash rate. General Alarm Button Red If the panel is not configured for two stage operation, this button does nothing.

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If the panel is configured for two stage operation, pressing the General Alarm button immediately sends the panel into second stage General Alarm. This LED will also flash at the fast flash rate while an active circuit is being reconnected. Trouble-Only Circuit Indicators The operation of trouble-only circuit indicators applies to initiating circuits configured as trouble-only circuits.

Alarm inputs include any of the following: non-verified alarm, verified alarm, sprinkler alarm, water-flow alarm, and general alarm circuits. Page Figure 26 Evacuation Codes Monitor condition occurs as a result of its activation short-circuit , although it is supervised for trouble open-circuit.

This circuit is used for monitoring a trouble condition from an external device such as a Mircom Series Audio Trouble-Only System. Both open and short circuits generate a non-latching trouble condition. Circuit-related operations are correlated to their respective disconnect switches. You can access the configuration DIP switches from the main display module after removing the protective lexan cover.

Set the Config DIP switch to resize system. Wait five seconds. Press the yellow and red buttons together for five seconds. Wait 10 seconds.

The system is now ready for further configuration, or configuration mode may be exited if the default settings are acceptable. If the yellow LED is off default , the common supervisory relay will Action follow the common supervisory status. To configure circuits to be of that selected circuit type, turn on all of the desired circuit disconnect DIP switches up position and press the yellow button for about one second. After a short pause, the initiating circuit yellow trouble LEDs will be updated to show the new configuration.

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Page 53 FA Installation and Operation Manual With the factory default configuration, all outputs are configured to activate with any inputs configured as alarms.

If output circuit correlations are enabled see Configuration Features on page 44 , outputs must be configured to one or more inputs to activate at all. This means that they will all activate with any input circuits configured as alarms. Relay circuits are always enabled for correlations.

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As the only individual in contact with system users, it is your responsibility to bring each item in this warning to the attention of the users of this system.

Page System Users Mircom shall not be liable for any delays, breakdowns, interruptions, loss, destruction, alteration or other problems in the use of a product arising our of, or caused by, the software. The original owner must promptly notify Mircom in writing that there is defect in material or workmanship, such written notice to be received in all events prior to expiration of the warranty period.

Page Out Of Warranty Repairs NOTE: Unless specific pre-authorization in writing is obtained from Mircom management, no credits will be issued for custom fabricated products or parts or for complete fire alarm system.

Mircom will at its sole option, repair or replace parts under warranty. Advance replacements for such items must be purchased. This manual is also suitable for: Faka Fakua. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

ProMaster FL1 User Manual

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Promatic fa 1000 flash manual

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Promatic fa 1000 flash manual

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