Ap Hornet 0.15 Two Stroke Glow Engine Manual

Ap hornet 0.15 two stroke glow engine manual

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Learn about servos. Steps to engine survival. The F is a lethal weapon and is the backbone of our Armed Forces interceptor capability.

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It's featured in the movie "Top Gun," a Paramount release and one of this year's hottest films. If's bound to become a classic. Build your own Tomcat from our plan Photo courtesy of Grumman. Top Gun Paramount's new blockbuster. Engine Review. Bench Review. The F Tomcat.

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DeFrancesco, Jr. Control Tower by Charlie Kenney. Pattern Matters by Mike Lee. How To: by Randy Randolph.

Ap hornet 0.15 two stroke glow engine manual

A sport modeler's dream. Giant Steps by Dick Phillips. CT Second class postage paid at Wilton.

Ap hornet 0.15 two stroke glow engine manual

Connecticut, and at additional mailing offices. Subscription rates ore S25for 1 year foreign S Outside U. Payment must be in U. CT Connecticut Editorial and Business Offices.

Motor AP Hornet 0.15 Two Stroke

Wilton, CT , phone Johnson, President; G. E DeFrancesco. Vice President; LV.

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Second Class Postage paid at Wilton. Connecticut, and additional Mailing Office. Copyright 1 by Air Age. All rights reserved. ISSN No. In writing. Air Age. Wilton, CT Please include the address label from a recent Issue, or print the Information exactly as shown on the label.

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The Post Office will not forward copies unless you provide extra postage. Dupli- cate issues cannot be sent. That problem is noise. With public reprisal as it is concerning environmental issues, we modelers with our screaming airplanes are becoming more and more the target of criticism and admonishment from flying fields around the world.

Not a month goes by that I don't read about a club that's in trouble over noise. To the neighbors living close to our fields, we are nothing more than a source of aggravation. And we are inflicting permanent damage to our own hearing ability.


A pneumatic drill at 5 feet, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, measures decibels and can cause permanent hearing loss. Yet, we allow our models to operate far in excess of that.

The maximum sound level permitted under FAI regulations is decibels at 3'A feet, which is the same as a police siren!

Ap hornet 0.15 two stroke glow engine manual

Are we the victims or the perpetrators? It also means that the engine makers will have to get on the ball and develop an engine that runs quietly.

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But it sure seems like a small one when you think of the alternative — not flying at all! Necessity is the mother of invention, and we sure have the need. We have a lot of talented people in this hobby, and I'm sure that if we pool our efforts we can come up with a workable solution.

Write to me, or better yet, to the engine makers. Tell them that their engines are too noisy; offer solutions. Try to help them and they in turn will help you. That is what this hobby is all about. A dynamite sport model graces this issue for the scratch builder, the Acrostreak. And, if you've had a problem with your two-stroke engine, you may find the solution in my troubleshooting article.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

AP Wasp 0.61A Two Stroke Glow Engine

Premium-guality machine-cut and sanded balsa parts, detailed photo illustrated instructions, a very complete hardware package, and sturdy landing gear are included. You'll be glad you did! Available al t L eading Retailers 1 Nationwide.

Balsiirite makes every covering stick better. Save lime, save money! Details in catalog. Box He was one of my heroes while I was in high school and I would like to know if he is still around.

I recall seeing plans in M.

Ap hornet 0.15 two stroke glow engine manual

Has my memory slipped over the last 30 years or is this the same plane? Bob won the California State Championship with it in I saw him fly his Smoothie at the California Champ- ionships in and he was also one of my idols.

The last I heard he was living in California and was making fiberglass fuselages. I was always amazed at the beautiful work he did, especially con- sidering the fact that he had only one hand.

DBS rrur Fuel Tank Basics You did an excellent job of writing an informative article in the July issue of Model Airplane News about fuel tank systems, and thank you for mentioning some of our products.


We would like to pass on a few corrections concerning our tanks. All of our tank bodies are blow molded, both our standard version and our flextanks.

We design all of our tanks to withstand any amount of screw tight- ening: unless there is a manufacturing defect, you should be able to tighten the stopper screw to the point of stripping the hole in the inside washer without damaging the tank itself. To our knowledge, not a single Sullivan Seamless tank has split over the three years they have been in production.

Ap hornet 0.15 two stroke glow engine manual

I must comment on the letters by Art Schmitz and Bruce Abell. I agree with Mr. What better way to find out how your scale model will fly than to read about the full- scale version.

Abell, however, I feel is out of order. I purchase every magazine Budd Davisson writes for.

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He some- times makes reference to modeling while writing for the full-size maga- zines. What a great way to improve our image with the public! Thanks Budd! Model Airplane News is celebrating its 57th anniversary.

In a time when the attrition rate of magazines is ever increasing, 57 years is nothing short of an incredible feat. But does this mean we will be resting on our laurels? Quite the contrary. We want to give you what you want, so keep the letters and comments flying in! We are the innovators and we will place no constraints on our ingenuity and creativity. As the hobby grows and evolves, so will we. We have many more publications planned and we can report that our newest magazine.

Radio Control Car Action, is a tremendous success. The circulation is now over , and the publication will be nearing pages! With this anniversary 1 would like to tell you of yet another magazine we will be introducing this fall.

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