2004 Ktm 300 Exc Manual Lawn

2004 ktm 300 exc manual lawn

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2004 ktm 300 exc manual lawn

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Page 28 - Changing the spring preload on the teles Page 33 - Adjusting the free travel at the hand br Page 42 - Cleaning the air filter Page 43 - Changing the original position of the cl Page 45 - Draining the float chamber of the carbur Show quick links.

Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Ktm owner's manual motorcycle sx-f, sx-f 52 pages.

2004 ktm 300 exc manual lawn

Ktm owner's manual motorcycle xc-f, xcf-w, exc-f xc-w, exc racing xc, xc-w, exc racing xc, xc-w, exc racing xc 68 pages. NR: 3. Page 2 b the use of the vehicle after such device or element of design has been removed or rendered inoperative by any person. Page 3 If maintenance work should become necessary during a competition it should be performed by a trained mechanic. The motorcycles comply with the regulations and categories currently in effect with the leading international motorcycle associations.

Page 5: Table Of Contents Chain wear Enter this number in the field on page no 1. Engine number, engine type The engine number and the engine type are stamped into the left side of the engine below the engine sprocket. When pressing this button, the ignition circuit is short-circuited.

2008 KTM 450 530 EXC-R XCR-W Motorcycle Repair Manual

Combination switch EXC The light switch has 2, respectively 3 switch positions. Page 8: Digital Speedometer, Indicator Lamps The operating hour counter starts to count as soon as you start the engine. The displayed figure cannot be cleared. Service intervals are indicated in operating hours for some KTM offroad motorcycles, making the operating hour counter a very practical function. Page 10 The operating hour counter starts to count as soon as you start the engine.

This is a very useful function for trips taken according to a roadbook. TRP2 is activated by the first impulse received from the wheel sensor and stops automatically 3 seconds after the last impulse is received. Page Kilometers Or Miles If you retrofit this Tripmaster on another motorcycle, the power can also be supplied by the 12 V vehicle electric system. You will need an additional cable harness, spare part no.

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In this position, the E-starter is operational and the engine can be started. In this position, the E-starter and ignition circuits are interrup- ted. The E-starter cannot be actuated, and the engine will not start, not even if you attempt to start it with the kickstarter. To deactivate the hot start device, push the hot start button back into its basic position.

2004 ktm 300 exc manual lawn

Page Compression Damping Of Fork Compression damping of fork Hydraulic compression damping determines the reaction when the fork is compressed. The degree of compression can be adjusted with adjusting screws at the bottom of the fork legs.

KTM 250 EXC RACING 2004 Owner's Manual

Remove the protecting cap Turn the adjusting screws clockwise to increase damping, turn it counter- clockwise to reduce damping during compression. The degree of damping can be adjusted by turning adjusting screw with a screwdriver.

Turning in a clockwise direction will increase the damping, turning in a counterclockwise direction will decrease the damping. Page Driving Instructions If the level of brake fluid falls below the minimum value, this indicates a leak in the braking system or completely worn out brake pads.

Arrange for the braking system to be checked by a KTM specialist, as complete failure of the braking system can be avoided. Page Breather Plug Front Fork Breather plug front fork After every 5 hours of use for competitive racing, slacken the breather plugs a few turns in order to relieve excess pressure from the inside of the fork.

How-To: KTM 250 300 380 SX MXC EXC Top & Bottom Engine Rebuild 2003-2015

To do this, place the motorcycle on a stand with the front wheel lifted off the ground. If your weight exceeds or falls short of this range, you will need to adjust the basic setup for the suspension components accordingly. The type number of the telescopic fork is embossed on the caps on the top of the telescopic fork.

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If you are uncertain which spring to use, contact your KTM workshop. Thus, you can put the handlebar in the position that is the most convenient for you.

2004 ktm 300 exc manual lawn

The upper tri- ple clamp includes 2 bores arranged at a distance of 15 mm 0. Page Check Chain Tension Check chain tension Jack the motorcycle up on its frame so that the rear wheel no longer tou- ches the ground.

Press the chain upward at the end of the chain sliding component. The distance between the chain and the swing arm should be approx. Page Chain Maintenance Chain maintenance For a long chain life, good maintenance is very important.

1991 – 1995 KTM 250 – 300 Two Stroke Motorcycle Engine Service Repair Manual

Chains without X-rings should be cleaned in fireproof solvent regularly and afterwards treated with hot grease or chain spray e.

Motorex Chainlube X-ring chains on the other hand are very simple to clean. The best way is to use lots of water, but never use brushes or cleaning liquids. We recommend that you continue to use it. DOT 5. In this way, the position of the point of pressure e. Remove clips and pull out bolt.

Remove brake pads from the brake caliper. Clean the brake caliper and the brake caliper support with compressed air.

2004 ktm 300 exc manual lawn

The brake pads can be inspected from the rear. The thickness of the linings 1 mm may not be less than 1 mm 0. A clear tone must be the result.

2004 ktm 300 exc manual lawn

Dull tones are indicators of loose spokes. If necessary, have the spokes retightened and the wheel centered by a KTM dealer.

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Proper pres- sure ensures optimum driving comfort and extends the life of your tires. It is not necessary to check the electrolyte level or to refill water.

Simply keep the battery poles clean and slightly grease them with an acid-free grease if necessary. Removing the battery: First disconnect the negative and then the positive pole of the battery. If a new fuse that has just been installed gets blown again, you are strongly advised to have it inspected by a KTM dealer. The fuse capacity is 10 Ampere. In every exhaust repair procedure, the O-rings must be replaced by new ones. Glass fiber yarn packings are available from your licensed KTM mechanic.

Refill oil until oil is discharged from the bore the master cylinder in a bubble-free state. Make sure that the oil does not overflow. The bleeder syringe can be purchased from your KTM dealer. Having completed the bleeding procedure, you have to verify that the oil level in the master cylinder is correct.

If necessary, fill up with That is, an engine whose idling speed is adjusted correctly will be easier to start than one whose idling speed has not been adjusted correctly.

The idle speed is controlled by means of the adjusting wheel and the mixture control screw Page Draining The Float Chamber Of The Carburetor Draining the float chamber of the carburetor Following every wet cleaning procedure, the float chamber of the carburetor should be drained in order to remove any water that may have penetrated into it.

Water in the float chamber causes malfunctioning.

Perform this task on a cold engine. Place a receptacle underneath the engine to collect the drained oil. Remove the 4 screws and dismount the two oil filter covers. Using circlip pliers, pull the oil-filter inserts out of the housing.

Page Troubleshooting We would like to point out that many operations cannot be performed by yourself. In case of uncertainty, please contact a KTM-dealer. The best manner would be to use warm water that has been mixed with a normal brand-name washing detergent and a sponge.

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The hard dirt can be removed before washing with the help of a soft water jet. Page Head Word Index Bleeding of the hydraulic clutch This manual is also suitable for: sx Mxc sx exc racing mxc exc racing Show all mxc exc racing. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 61 pages.