History Notes For Ssc Pdf

History notes for ssc pdf

SSC CGL Previous year papers

Moreover, you can download the PDF of the study material for the convenience. The resources are collected from important topics in order to make preparation smooth.

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These CGL study notes are also the primary approach of many experts and toppers. Thus, the following study material will help in achieving high score marks.

History notes for ssc pdf

Member since Feb Basic Concept and Tricks on Mixture and Alligation. Concepts of Percentages and its Important Shortcuts.

SSC CGL History Notes Pdf Download – Ncert Gist

Important Formulas and Shortcuts to solve Percentage. Previous Year Questions for Problems based on Ages.

History notes for ssc pdf

Important Formulas and Shortcuts to solve Profit and Loss. Important Geometry Notes on Circle. Short Tricks on Centres of Triangle in Geometry. Important Formulas of Co-ordinate Geometry.


Geometry: Lines and Angles. Important Mensuration 2D Formulas.

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Important Mensuration 3D Formulas. Short notes and Formulas for Mensuration 2D figures. Important Mensuration formulas and short notes for 3D figures.

Ancient History notes Pdf Download -NCERT -UPSC-SSC

Understand the basics of Data Interpretation. Formulas of Polygon in the Quant section. How to solve the Alphabet Test in Reasoning Section. How to solve Word Formation questions quickly in Reasoning Section.

Ancient History notes Pdf Download -NCERT -UPSC-SSC

How to solve Blood Relation Questions easily. How to solve Classification Questions in Reasoning Section?

History notes for ssc pdf

Tips and Tricks to solve Coding-Decoding questions. Tricks to solve problems related to Series in Reasoning Section.

Important SSC CGL Study Material 2019 (Topic-wise)

Geometry : Lines and Angles. Formulas of Polygon in Quant section.


How to solve Fillers in the English Language. Strategy to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills. A Smart Approach to boost the score in Reading Comprehension. Error Spotting Articles List All.