Horse Racing Neural Network Pdf

Horse racing neural network pdf

Neural networks are often used successfully to predict the outcome of a horse race or dog race or for other ranking problems, such as ranking scientific test results or personnel.

BrainMaker Neural Network Software

Input data for such problems may include data about a race that is the same for all horses called common statistics, e. This tutorial example was designed to show the user how to set up data, explode, train the network, apply the network, make predictions, and implode with the Race Handicapping Option in the Advanced System. The problem file named Race is in the set of NeuroShell 2 examples available on the distribution CD, so you can follow along on the computer as you read this tutorial.

The Problem. In this example we put ourselves in the place of a man who regularly bets on horse races. Let us call him Sam Smith. For quite a long time, he has been carefully recording the results of horse races, together with track conditions and some data about each horse. Now he wants to create a neural network which will help him to make money placing bets at future races.

The Outputs.

Horse racing neural network pdf

To decide which horse to back, Sam needs to know the finish place for each horse. So he will have N output columns, one for each of the N horses taking part in the race.

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Each output column will contain a number from 1 to N, denoting the finish place of the corresponding horse. The Inputs.

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Now, Sam needs to decide which variables need to be considered when making the horse race prediction. He understands that some data is the same for all horses, but it differs from race to race.

Let us call such data common data. He decides that, for the first attempt, he will include two common input variables, the track condition denoted by a number from 1 to 3 and air temperature. Then he needs to include some data for each of the horses. He thinks that the most important data for each horse are jockey weight and horse's speed in the last race.

So he decides to make two more input variables for each horse. Setting up data. To use the Race Handicapping Prenetwork module, Sam needs to prepare the pattern file that meets all the necessary requirements.

Since Sam has been using NeuroShell 2 to solve other problems for quite a long time, he had no problem using the Datagrid module to enter his data. This is the beginning of his file, RACE.

Let us make sure that this file meets all the necessary requirements:. Each row in the file contains all inputs for a race. Yes, each row contains all the data Sam decided to use as input data for each race.

The first column s in the row should contain all of the Common Data for each race, followed by input statistics on each horse. Each horse must have the same number of input statistics and the statistics must be in the same order for each horse. The first two columns contain the Common data, Track Condition and Temperature.

The next six columns contain input statistics on all horses. Each of the three horses has two input statistics, 1 jockey weight, and 2 horse speed in the last race, arranged in the same order for each horse.

When using the file to train the network, you need to include a column for the finish place for each horse as an actual output on the same row as the inputs. The value for finish place is a number from 1 to N where N is the total number of horses in the race. The file should contain N output columns.

The finish place for each horse must appear in the same order that the input statistics for each horse were entered. The last three columns contain values for the three actual outputs, i.

The value for each place is a number from 1 to 3. The finish places appear in the same order that the input statistics, that is, first goes the finish place of horse 1, then the finish place of horse 2, and the last column contains the finish place for horse 3.

Deep learning and horse race prediction #1

The file may contain blank data cells with the exception of cells in the first row. The first row must contain cells of common data plus data values for the maximum number of items that are to be compared.

Horse racing neural network pdf

There are 2 inputs of common data, 3 horses in the race, and 2 inputs per horse, so the first row of the file contains 8 data inputs and 3 outputs.

So, now that all the requirements are met, Sam is ready to use the Race Handicapping Prenetwork module. Race Handicapping Prenetwork Module. These actions invoke the Race Handicapping Prenetwork Module.

In the left frame of this module screen, he clicks the Number of Common Statistics radio button and he types in 2 as the number of common statistics. In the right frame, he enters 3 in the field Number of Horses per Race, and he enters 2 in the field Number of Input Statistics per Horse. After that, he selects the Begin Processing Explode item from Process menu. When the operation finishes, Sam wants to look at the exploded file, so he selects Edit Pattern File from File menu.

The exploded pattern file compares two horses at a time:. The first two rows contain label information which will be used after the file is processed by the network to implode restore it back again. The exploded file displays rows of data that compare 2 horses at a time. The finish place is either a 1 or 0, where 1 denotes a horse that beats the other horse in the comparison.

We generate permutations of pairs, not just combinations of pairs, so the network won't become sensitive to the order of the two horses. For example, a row or pattern that contains statistics on 8 horses explodes to 56 rows or patterns , a row that contains statistics on 9 horses explodes to 72 rows, etc. Sam exits the Datagrid, Race Handicapping module, and the Custom module, and he is now back at the Advanced Neural Networks main screen.

Once the Race Handicapping module explodes the data file, creation of the model should continue as for any other network. PRO file before exploding the file s. You may want to add more races to your file and this is not possible after the file has been exploded. The first time your.

Horse racing neural network pdf

PAT file is exploded, a copy is made with a. OLD extension; but if you process additional files through the network your original file is lost.

Horse racing neural network pdf

We suggest that you make a copy with a. BAK extension so you will not lose your original file. Define Inputs and Outputs. Next, Sam needs to specify in NeuroShell 2 which of the columns are inputs and which are the actual outputs. The module displays all of the column names in the exploded file. Sam marks the first six columns common data and statistics for two horses as Inputs, the following two columns Place 1 and Place 2 as Actual Outputs, and all the rest of the columns named C9, C10, and C11 are blank or Unused.

These last columns contain no actual data, and they appear in the exploded file because of the first lines that contain information about the initial column names in the file before explosion you may still see this file, as it has been renamed by the Race Handicapping Prenetwork module to RACE.

Please refer to Tutorial Example One for a more detailed description of this module. For this example, we shall assume that in the Design module he selects the Standard 3-Layer Backpropagation network architecture with all default settings.

Apply to File. Sam wants to see if his network is producing good results. He double clicks the "Apply to File" icon, and enters the Apply module. OUT file" and "Include in. OUT file actuals minus network outputs".

Horse racing neural network pdf

OUT file or Include in. OUT file actuals minus network outputs.

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The extra columns will interfere with restoring your file to its original condition in the Race Handicapping Postnetwork module. The Apply Module defaults to processing the. PAT file, which is the first set of data that Sam entered. Each pattern in the exploded pattern file is processed through the trained network and it computes the values of the two outputs.

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These values determine which of the two horses is the probable winner. Statistics which measure the accuracy of the trained network are displayed on the screen. Please refer to the description of the Apply Backpropagation Network module for detailed explanations of the statistics.

The trained network produces an R squared value of. PAT file.

Horse racing prediction using artificial neural networks

Sam records the R squared statistic to compare this network with other ones he might create later. Now Sam realizes that it would be more convenient to view the network results along with input data and with the desired outputs. This is also necessary if he wants to view the results for all horses in a race in a single file row.

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So he leaves the Apply module and double-clicks the Attach Output File icon. The default settings for this module join the RACE. OUT file. Sam selects the Attach Files item from the Attach menu.

After attachment is complete, he exits the module. Race Handicapping Postnetwork Module. Now it is time to use the Race Handicapping Postnetwork module to "implode" the file. Sam double-clicks the Custom icon in the PostNetwork column of the Advanced system, and then he double-clicks the Race Handicapping icon.