Hangar 9 Spitfire 30cc Manualidades

Hangar 9 spitfire 30cc manualidades

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Features of the Hangar 9 Spitfire

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Hangar 9 1/5 Spitfire Mk IXc 30cc Instruction Manual

Per una documentazione aggiornata sul prodotto, visitare il sito www. Make sure the gap at each end of the aileron is equal so the aileron can move freely. Page 15 Apply thin CA to the top and bottom of each hinge.

Hangar 9 Spitfire Mark IXc 30cc ARF RC Plane With A DLE 35RA - Warbirds Over Whatcom

Page 16 Apply a small amount of thin CA to harden the threads made Use a round toothpick to puncture the covering for the four Install the eyelets and grommets in the servo using the in the previous step. Page 17 Remove any remaining arms from the horn.

Page 18 M2 x 10 Place the aileron servo hatch into position. Use a pin vise Remove the aileron servo hatch from the wing.

Hangar 9 Spitfire Review

Thread a screw Place a ruler along-side the servo horn. Slide Assemble the aileron linkage using a x 1 -inch holes for the control horn mounting screws.

Slide the Slide the hinge into position. Position as shown, checking to silicone tubing over the clevis to secure its position. Tighten make sure it can move freely. Thread a servo mounting screw into each laser-cut hole to cut the slot in the trailing edge. Page 24 Mount the switch harness in the fuselage.

Connect a Y-harness to the aileron port of the receiver. Connect Secure the remote receiver inside the fuselage using hook and the rudder, elevator servos and switch harness to the appropriate ports of the receiver. Mark hinge. Assemble the connection to connect the cable to the rudder servo. Thread the clevis on the cable end so it protrudes slightly between the forks of the clevis. Page 28 Follow the procedure as described for the cable ends and clevises earlier in this section of the manual.

Hangar 9 spitfire 30cc manualidades

Page 30 M3 x 3 M3 x 3 Attach the steering arm on the pushrod. Note the positioning of the Z-bend in relationship to the steering arm, and the location of the setscrew on the steering arm.

Hangar 9 spitfire 30cc manualidades

With the steering arm inside the fuselage, slide the tail wheel Center the tail wheel, rudder and rudder servo. Page 32 Using hemostats or vise grips to hold a piece of music wire, heat the end of the wire using a small torch. Use the wire to melt the covering for the wing bolts near the trailing edge of Position the wing bolt plate on the bottom of the wing. Use the Use a hobby knife with a new 11 blade to remove the Use epoxy to glue the wing bolt plate to the bottom of the the wing.

Page 33 Route the four inch mm servo extensions into the Slide the wing tubes into the wing center section. Secure the wing to the fuselage using the hardware listed. Page 35 Position both left and right stabilizers on the fuselage. Check Slide the stabilizers back into position. Use a paper towel and the alignment between the wing and stabilizer to make sure isopropyl alcohol to remove any excess epoxy.


Use low-tack they are aligned correctly. Page 37 M3 x 3 Place a piece of low-tack tape down the center on the front of Use the setscrews to secure the gear door mounts to the Slide the inside wheel collar on the axle, but do not tighten the the gear door.

Hangar 9 spitfire 30cc manualidades

Slide the inner Snap the hub cap into position. Page 39 Place the landing gear door in position. Use a pencil to draw the outline of the door onto the covering.

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We used a piece of low-tack tape to support the door over the open wheel well. Join the outer and center panel together. Page 40 Slide the landing gear door mounts on the strut.

Hangar 9 spitfire 30cc manualidades

The lower mount will almost touch the scissor, and the upper mount will be 1 50mm from the lower mount. Loosely tighten the setscrews as they will be correctly positioned later in the manual. Page 41 To improve the scale appearance, the entire inner wheel hub and the hub caps may be painted silver. Page 42 Check the alignment of the brackets to the wing.

This is done by placing the landing gear door in position to make sure it rests Use low-tack tape to secure a piece of paper to the bottom Fold the paper back do not remove the tape and tape the level with the wing. Page 49 Thread the ball end on the throttle pushrod. Make sure to remove the throttle secure it in position using tie wraps not included.

Route the stop screw and return spring from the carburetor before wiring and secure it so it does not interfere with the operation Attach the pushrod connector to the throttle servo arm as Page 50 Insert the straight and pre-bent brass tubes into the rubber Prepare the stopper assembly by placing small amounts of Secure the tubing included with the engine to the clunk Insert the stopper into the fuel tank.

Make sure the clunk can stopper. Slide the fuel tank brace fuselage, opposite the radio battery 2. Make sure to locate into the slot in the fuselage. Setzen Sie die Akkuklappe auf den Rumpf The optional telemetry module 1 can be installed at this time. Wrap the low-tack tape around the fuselage to hold the canopy to the M3 x 15 fuselage until the glue fully cures.

Slide the cowl into position on the fuselage. Secure the propeller using the appropriate adapter nut suited to your particular engine installation. Secure the spinner adapter to the engine shaft. Page 55 Once the epoxy has fully cured, the antenna mast can be Attach the wing center section to the fuselage.

Fit the placed in the base. Make The remaining screw locations can be drilled at this time. The outer gun leading edge of the wing. The stepped drill bit will not tear the is located 1 inches 35mm from the inner gun.

Ein sehr wichtiger Teil in der Flugvorbereitung ist es das Flugzeug richtig auszubalancieren. Attach the wing panels to the fuselage. Make sure to connect the leads from the aileron to the appropriate leads from the 1. Fixez les ailes au fuselage. Turn on the transmitter and receiver of your model.

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Check the movement of the rudder using the transmitter. When the stick 1. Quand le 1.

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Accendere trasmettitore e ricevitore del modello. Controllare i movimenti del timone agendo sul trasmettitore. Ein ferngesteuertes Modell ist kein Spielzeug. The Spektrum trademark is used with permission of Bachmann Industries, Inc.

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