Cinema Of Attractions Pdf Files

Cinema of attractions pdf files

April 27, by Vincent Li Sun.

Cinema of attractions pdf files

Obviously, this is very true for the early cinema, when there is not really a narrative involved in the films. The reason it was a naked lady, as I remembered, was to create pleasure for the audiences, which in my opinion, also fits to the idea of cinema of attractions.

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I totally agree with this, I believe the attractions are still one of the most important elements in later films even though it might not be weighted much as before.

Further more, many Hollywood blockbusters can also be seen fitting into the cinema of attractions, special effects, actions, etc. There are many forms of attractions, so I think the cinema of attractions can actually be interpreted differently by each individual, but not matter what form it is, the cinema of attractions will always exist, in my opinion.

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There are different kinds of pleasure that are created from each type of element in pornography, horror, and melodrama. The pleasures are the convulsion in porn, the screams of fear in horror, and the sobs of anguish in melodrama.

Cinema of attractions pdf files

These genres have long existed in the film industry, the reason I believe is that they create those pleasures to the audience. Therefore, in connection with the cinema of attractions, it is not hard to understand the power of these genres.

Cinema of attractions pdf files

We all have our sensation, emotion and fantasy, and this should be what we are looking for in the films, despite the narrative, and thus we are attracted to these genres of film. Moreover, these genres may address the basic problems in our culture, but they have a distinct function due to the way they are portrayed. Posted in Uncategorized 12 Comments.

Cinema of attractions pdf files

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Cinema of attractions pdf files

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