Telecaster Wiring Diagram 2 Volume Book

Telecaster wiring diagram 2 volume book

Discussion in ' Tele-Technical ' started by caspa , Feb 24, Telecaster Guitar Forum.

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Two volume no tone wiring!! Please help! Feb 24, 1. Posts: Hey guys been a while since I've been on here, can anybody help with this? I want to wire my tele up on two independent volumes, on a standard 3 way switch, I've tried the Seymour Duncan method and just got a horrible buzz and nothing else.

Telecaster wiring diagram 2 volume book

I wired it as per tele specs and everything worked just both the volumes consoled both of the pickups. If anybody has any diagrams or can knock one up it would be much appreciated! Feb 24, 2. Is this the schematic you used? Did you use a gibson style switch or blade switch?

Telecaster wiring diagram 2 volume book

Feb 24, 3. Age: 44 Posts: 14, You've got a grounding problem, probably in addition to another problem. Do you have a multimeter? It's the main tool used to troubleshoot electronics, so if you don't have one you should get one. You should also get some alligator clip test leads so you can test different connections without soldering.

The diagram that Telemodder gave you is perfect. Let me explain it a little bit: Each pickup is connected to the input of a volume pot.

Telecaster wiring diagram 2 volume book

The output from the volume pot goes to the switch. The output of the switch the common lug goes to the tip of the jack. The ground wire for each pickup, the back of each pot, and the sleeve of the jack are all grounded. Think of the sleeve as the main ground point, and all your other grounds need to connect to it.

Tele Style Guitar Wiring Diagram

This logic applies no matter what switch type you use. If tracing your wires doesn't find the solution, I'd start by connecting just one pickup to the jack directly so you can figure out how it works.

Telecaster wiring diagram 2 volume book

There are only 2 possible combinations, and one of them should result in clear, mostly buzz-free operation. There will be some standard cycle noise from your pickup, and if your soldering iron is plugged in to the same circuit it can cause a buzz. Once you get the first pickup working, add the volume pot. When you get the wiring with the volume pot working, add the switch. When you get the switch working, add the other pickup. I know it seems tedious, but when you're new at this, making lots of changes at once makes it almost impossible to figure out what you're really doing.

When something goes wrong, you've got too many things to check to make sure they're working.

Three Cool Alternate Wiring Schemes for Telecaster®

Feb 24, 4. Hey guys thanks for the help.

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Im using a blade switch, the one with the 4 pegs either side, not too sure on how to wire the switch up right, I'm so used to following diagrams that any out of the box wiring so to speak becomes a problem. So should I just wire it up like the Duncan diagram?

Three Cool Alternate Wiring Schemes for Telecaster®

Any help with the way to wire the switch would be great. It wast that diagram I used its was this Its the same style switch in using. Feb 24, 5. You can use that switch, no problem. Instead of wiring the pickups directly to the switch, you're going to connect the output of the volume controls to the switch instead. The output of the neck volume control will go to the same lug on the switch as the neck pickup does in your diagram.

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The output of the switch will be connected directly to the jack. Feb 24, 6.

Telecaster wiring diagram 2 volume book

Ok very confused on the switch layout are the any diagrams I can go off? I'm used to working on Gibsons this is my first tele build.

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Feb 24, 7. If you sit down and draw it out, you'll have it in no time flat. It's very, very simple: pickup to volume pot, volume pot to switch, switch to jack. Look at the diagram you posted. See where the neck pickup connects? That's where the output of your volume pot will connect. Same for the bridge pickup.

Two volume no tone wiring!! Please help!

Feb 24, 8. It's the points on the switch that throw me off don't know we're to put each one. Feb 24, 9.

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Last edited: Feb 24, Feb 24, Ok so I wired it up exactly like the guide posted and it worked perfect including the Gibson switch were I struggle is knowing which points to solder the to the tele switch in correlation with the Gibson switch if you know what I mean.

All sorted guys thanks for all your help, took me a while to work out how the tele blade switch worked but got it all working fine after some long thinking. Feb 25, Glad to hear it! Oct 23, Mar 20, Age: 45 Posts: 1. I'd like to say a massive thanks for your zen-calm suggestion to sketch out the flows on this Telecaster wiring scheme.

I followed your advice and everything became clear.

Telecaster wiring diagram 2 volume book

The result? A completely fresh tone out of a much-loved guitar! Off to the basement now to jam Mar 22, Age: 67 Posts: Age: 60 Posts: 7, Happy accidents.

Electrical Lesson 3: Telecaster Style Wiring Diagram

I have discovered that my master vol and blend pot work so well because I mistskenly put the hotter pickup in the neck. But this works so much better for me than a tone pot. Mar 25, I was just thinking about doing this to my main Tele You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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