Paris Par Arrondissement Map Book

Paris par arrondissement map book

In this quick guide to Paris by Arrondissement, you will find all that you need to know about the Arrondissements of Paris Paris Districts. Paris Arrondissements, what are they?

The Arrondissements of Paris are administrative divisions. Paris is divided into 20 Paris Arrondissements or Paris districts. In each District of Paris, there is a town hall Mairie and a mayor Maire , as well as elected officials, a council, a politician and so on. Of course, the 20 Districts of Paris are still subject to the overall policy of the city and the mayor of Paris, the socialist Anne Hidalgo.

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One Arrondissement usually includes many Paris Neighborhoods within its boundaries. To find your bearings in Paris there is a little trick: if you look at the Paris Arrondissement Map here below, the 1st Arrondissement of Paris is in the center of the city, then the other Paris Arrondissements are located forming a spiral turning clockwise, to finish in the 20th Arrondissement in the east. Choosing the best Arrondissement to stay in Paris is a difficult decision. More than simple divisions, the 20 Districts of Paris have their own character and charm.

They all tell locals and visitors alike different stories about Paris. On this Paris Arrondissement Guide, we try to give a good breakdown to all the Paris districts and tell about their essence. You will find the Paris Arrondissements description with some historical notes and the main Paris attractions by arrondissement.

If you want to know more about a specific arrondissement, check our Paris by Arrondissement posts here below. On these posts, we give a deep insight into each district and our best tips to explore Paris like a local.

Map of Paris arrondissements

We started this series of posts in April so it will take us some time to reach Paris 20 but we will make it! In the central four arrondissements of Paris become one.

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For example, while the 1st Arrondissement is home to just 17, residents, Paris 15 can count , The new name of the four arrondissements which make up the center of the city is Paris Centre. This name was voted by the residents of these 4 Arrondissements. In other words, Paris and this Paris Districts Guide will continue to have 20 arrondissements. The 1st Arrondissement of Paris is one of the must-see districts of Paris.

1st arrondissement

If this is your first time in Paris you definitely want to include Paris 1 in your Paris itinerary because many of the famous Parisian monuments and sights are located in this district.

There is no need to say that this is one of the most sumptuous Arrondissements in Paris and also one of the most expensive arrondissements in which to stay.

On the other hand, Paris 1 is also the district of Les Halles. Come to Paris 1 for its monuments, elegant squares and to enjoy the banks of the Seine.

Paris par arrondissement map book

The 2nd Arrondissement of Paris is the smallest district of Paris, a quiet and largely overlooked business district organized around the old Stock Market of Paris. There are not many top tourist sites in Paris 2 but it has beautiful architecture, covered passages , and it is home to several hidden gems ready to reward the determined traveler. Foodies in Paris will be very happy to walk along Rue Montorgueil , one of the best food streets in Paris.

Paris par arrondissement map book

Paris 3 is both a historical and trendy district, a maze of narrow streets where historic private mansions rub shoulders with hipster coffee shops. For this reason and because of its central position, Paris 4 is often considered one of the best districts in Paris for visitors, the best place to stay in Paris close to everything.

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If you are looking for gay bars in Paris or gay parties in Paris, the 4th arrondissement of Paris is the place to go. Its ancient streets contain a few remnants of the Roman Lutetia, medieval religious buildings, the historic core of the Sorbonne University , charming squares and an array of living culture in the form of art house cinemas and curious bookstores.

Come to Paris 5 for its historical monuments, and lively student atmosphere. Paris 6 is also home to Luxembourg Gardens, Saint Sulpice Church, beautiful architecture and expensive art galleries which, unfortunately, replaced all those little bookshops and printers that once populated the quartier to provide the universities nearby.

For all these reasons and more, Paris 8 is expensive, very expensive. That said, Paris 8 has some of the best romantic places in all of Paris, from gorgeous museums to intriguing historic sites and from jaw-dropping viewpoints to enchanting secret spots, you just need to know where to look!

A Guide to Paris Arrondissements: Map & Getting Around

Come to Paris 8 for luxury shopping and for beautiful views from the top of Arc de Triomphe. Come to Paris 9 for its life, with some great, both historic and contemporary sites.

Paris 10 is one of the coolest districts in Paris, eternally linked to Canal Saint-Martin waterway and its iron footbridges. The 21st century has definitely given new life to this popular arrondissement of Paris and today Paris 10 is a district of bobos bohemian-bourgeois Parisians , with agreeable cafes, vintage shops, cool bars, and excellent restaurants.

Some bars at rue de Faubourg Saint-Denis are also worth a detour.

Paris par arrondissement map book

During the 19th century, with industrialization, many factories were built in the 11th Arrondissement, especially in the fields of textiles, metals, glass, and ceramics.

The 12th Arrondissement is one of the main Paris residential areas. The Mural Program in Paris 13 invited the most renowned street artists in the world to give some color to this district of Paris. If you are a curious visitor, we urge you to give it a chance. If you are looking for a residential arrondissement, Paris 15 is the place to go. Located in the southwest of Paris, the 15th Arrondissement is the largest in the city and also the most populated.

Definitely a family district, very quiet, and with no big-name sites or a special charm, Paris 15 is for us too far from everything.

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In Paris 16 you are never far from the Bois de Boulogne , perfect for running, a picnic or just a lazy day on the grass. Located in the northwest of Paris, this area was mostly occupied by royal hunting grounds until the French Revolution.

Top attractions in Paris 20 arrondissements

In the 19th century, the area evolved into three zones, all annexed as part of greater Paris in merchant Quartier de Ternes , bourgeois Quartier Monceau , and the arty Quartier de Batignolles. The latest, Batignolles, still retains its charming village atmosphere. This is the most paradoxical of the 20 arrondissements of Paris.

It is home to the old village of Montmartre , one of the quintessential and most visited areas in Paris, but there are also popular zones long forgotten by everybody. The 19th District of Paris is a popular district perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and experience unique, offbeat Paris. Today, Paris 20 is one of the trendiest and most authentic districts of Paris and all this without tourists!

How to Use a Traditional Paris City Street Map

Last but not least, the Parc de Belleville offers some of the best views of Paris. It depends on what you are looking for. Have lots of money and want to be close to everything?

Then choose Paris 1 or Paris 2. Looking for some cool local life, far from the crowds? Paris 20 might suit you very well.

Guide to the Arrondissements of Paris (Districts of Paris) as Seen by Locals

Looking for a party? Stay in Paris The best area to stay in Paris for sightseeing, in our opinion, it is Paris 1 and Paris 4. The best place to stay in Paris close to everything is without any doubt, central Paris Arrondissements: Paris 1, Paris 4, Paris 5 and Paris 6.

In general, there are no Arrondissements in Paris to avoid but we have our little list of places that might be best avoided, like the Eiffel Tower on a Saturday afternoon in summer, Chatelet Metro Station we always get lost there!

You are in the right place! Check our posts by arrondissement where we tell you where to sleep, eat and play like a local in Paris.

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We hope that you enjoyed this Arrondissements Paris Guide and that it was helpful to plan your next trip to Paris. You are also welcome to join France Bucket List our France Travel Planning Facebook Group — it is a great resource to enable you to ask questions about your upcoming trip to Paris or France! Click here to read more Paris Tips. Quirky Parisian explorers with a preference for the less known sights, we are continuously looking for new ideas and tips to bring you the best of the City of Light.

This is one city no one can ever get enough of. Just one look at this list of Arrondissements and you realise it needs several journeys to know it all. The scale of Paris can be overwhelming,.

Was very useful to have this easy to reference guide with tourist points of interest and degree of exploring like a local. It sounds like the 5th Arrondissement has a pretty good balance of tourist attractions, history and culture, while still being a hub of local life.

This is such a well written and informative post!

Paris par arrondissement map book

Paris 20 sounds pretty perfect for us for a few nights stay. Thanks so much for your in-depth research and detailed writing!

Paris par arrondissement map book

Wonderful post. This is good.

Paris par arrondissement map book

This is a perfect guide to Paris. WIth all the arrondisement clearly described one can make ones own plan how to explore the city.

Arrondissement 18: Montemartre

It has been ages since I have been there. It would be good to go and see what has changed in all these years. I was wondering what an arrondissement was when I started this post. We had a rushed visit the last time we went and got to see all the main tourist attractions, but not really get a feel of the local life. The 13th district interests me for the street art.

Did you know?

Thanks Rhonda for your comment. I love hearing local opinions on Paris. I have been to Paris so often, I sometimes feel like a local we live 2.

I have always loved the 5th, as my father lived there when he was young. This is a great run-down of the arrondissements — merci! I was confused for a bit and felt a bit silly for not knowing that word. Actually the people responsible of these two places hate Dan Brown a lot, lol. This is such a great information you have compiled for a first-time visitor to Paris.