Itv Watch Again Unforgotten Book

Itv watch again unforgotten book

Unforgotten is a British crime drama television series, which initially aired on ITV on 8 October It is written by creator Chris Lang and directed by Andy Wilson. Three series, each consisting of six episodes, have been broadcast in the UK: Series 1 in , Series 2 in and Series 3 in Each series deals with a new case, introducing seemingly unconnected characters who are gradually revealed to have some relationship with the victim.

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As the murder mystery unfolds, the emotional ramifications of the crime are also explored in the lives of those affected. A fourth series was scheduled to be made in , most likely to be aired in The first series focuses on the murder of James "Jimmy" Sullivan Harley Alexander-Sule , a seventeen-year-old who disappeared in His remains are discovered during the demolition of a house in North London.

The second series follows the murder of David Walker Daniel Gosling , a Conservative Party consultant who went missing in His saponified remains are found in a suitcase buried in the River Lea in north-east London. The third series investigates the murder of schoolgirl Hayley Reid Bronagh Waugh , who disappeared from a seaside resort town on New Year's Eve Her skeleton is discovered by workmen repairing the central reservation of the M1 motorway in London.

After the third series had been aired on ITV, the broadcaster announced that a fourth series had been picked up for production.

Itv watch again unforgotten book

I hope it's primarily a love letter. So that's that's [ sic ] what it's about.

Unforgotten review: a satisfying ending that lingers after the credits roll

And again of course tracks the lives of four people, two men, two women. And follows Sunny and Cassie on their journey as well. Filming for the first series began in March and lasted for twelve weeks. After the unexpected success of the initial series, ITV commissioned a second series, with Lang returning as writer and Wilson as director.

A third series order was announced on 2 March , following strong viewing figures. An empty mansion at Bulstrode Park in Buckinghamshire provided the setting for the police station and lab. After two back-to-back episodes were aired each week, the second series was similarly broadcast as three weekly parts from 29 April to 13 May Retitled Suspects , it will feature a new cast and crew.

Itv watch again unforgotten book

IMDb rating 8. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unforgotten Series 1 DVD cover.

Itv watch again unforgotten book

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Unforgotten - Series 1 - ITV

Retrieved 6 March Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved 21 July Digital Spy. Retrieved 9 October ITV Press Centre. London Evening Standard.

Itv watch again unforgotten book

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Series 1 DVD cover. Crime drama. Andy Wilson. Production website. A skeleton found in the cellar of a building being demolished prompts investigation from DCI Cassie Stuart and her colleague DI Sunny Khan into the murder of a young man that could potentially span back thousands of years.

Discovery of what they believe to be a car key near the body not only dates it to within the last 65 years, but also leads them on a trail in the hope of identifying the victim. At the end of the trail is a diary belonging to Jimmy Sullivan, a young man missing since who appears to be the victim.

The final pages of the diary contain several names and addresses; amongst them are Beth, Father Rob, Frankie C and Mr. Four seemingly unconnected people living very separate lives.

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It is now down to Cassie and Sunny to find out what happened to Jimmy and finally to get him home. Once the body in the cellar has been identified as Jimmy Sullivan, the search for his murderer begins; Cassie and Sunny investigate, starting with identifying the names featured in Jimmy's diary. Cassie travels to Kenny to see Maureen, Jimmy's mother, to get a sense of who Jimmy was; she is met by a woman who is in fact relieved that she might finally find out what happened to her son 39 years after he went missing.

Lizzie also denies knowing Jimmy but is clearly a very different woman from who she was in the 70s before her marriage. And 'Mr. Slater' is Eric Slater, a wheelchair user and a retired bookkeeper living with his wife Claire in Cambridgeshire.

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The investigation into Jimmy's death continues. Cassie and Sunny pay a visit to Father Robert Greaves, who remembers Jimmy fondly, but is unable to help identify the mysterious 'Jo-Jo', the person who it appears gave Jimmy the diary. As the investigation into the cold-case murder continues, the forensic team discovers that the marks on the victim's body are consistent with known gangland torture methods.

With this in mind, Cassie and Sunny question Sir Phillip about his involvement with a prominent East End crime family 40 years ago. Did the businessman or any of the shady associates of his youth have anything to do with Jimmy's disappearance or murder?

Meanwhile, Eric and Claire's anniversary gets under way. Ray returns home to find Lizzie gone, broken glass where a brick was thrown through a window, and a note with the word "Sorry" on it. Following the revelation that a second victim may be buried at the bottom of the Slaters' garden, Cassie and Sunny gatecrash their 45th anniversary party and begin searching for a second body, and it's not long before they strike gold.

Eric Slater is arrested, but denies all charges made against him.

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After some initial reluctance, Curtis agrees to help Ray go in search of Lizzie. Father Robert confesses that he was the one who stole money from the church charity fund, and that after his secret affair with JoJo, she became pregnant and he has been using the money to pay the way for his illegitimate child. Before the news breaks of Eric Slater's arrest, Sir Phillip Cross has already struck a deal with his son's Turkish contacts and before he is able to change his mind, the witness who came forward with evidence against him is killed in a house fire, made to look like an accident caused when the man 'fell asleep smoking'.

Evidence found in Eric Slater's home links him to the location of the last known whereabouts of the second victim, and following the revelation that Jimmy had been selling himself for sex as a way of repaying the debt he owed to the Fenwicks, Cassie and Sunny finally realise that the connection between both murders may be Eric Slater's hidden hatred for homosexuals.

Father Robert's revelations prove to have lasting repercussions, especially for Caroline when she goes into premature labour. Bella and Josh deliberate over the best way to deal with their father's criminality, the search for Lizzie continues and Maureen is finally able to lay Jimmy to rest, after Claire has been identified as his murderer.

Workers dredging the River Lea in London discover a body in a suitcase that may have been in the water for a long time. Cassie and Sunny are assigned the case and try to identify the victim through his watch and pager.

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They are blackmailed by her birth mother's partner, Tyler, who witnessed Colin keying the car of a homophobe. In London, Marion Kelsey Rosie Cavaliero works as a nurse on a children's cancer ward and is struggling to balance supporting her patients, her marriage and dealing with her family.

Itv watch again unforgotten book

In the Cotswolds , Jason Walker who struggles to maintain relationships with women, is visited on his birthday by his mother Tessa Nixon Lorraine Ashbourne , a detective inspector in Oxford.

Sunny identifies the watch's owner as David Walker, who disappeared in May Cassie and Sunny notify Tessa, his widow, who has remarried. As the investigation into David Walker's murder continues, the team try to decode a series of messages found on the victim's pager.

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One message appears to be an address in King's Cross, which is soon discovered to have been a brothel at the time of Walker's death. Cassie and Sunny interrogate Sara Mahmoud, who was known to have been working as a prostitute from the address at the time — but she denies even knowing Walker, and claims that she was on holiday in Italy at the time of the murder. A telephone number in the victim's diary leads Cassie and Sunny to Colin Osborne, who also denies ever having known Walker.

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Osborne, meanwhile, continues to feel the pressure from Tyler. Tessa Nixon's boss, Detective Superintendent Gill Nathalie Armin , asks her to take restricted duties while the investigation takes its course, which she angrily refuses to do as she has not been named as a suspect in her husband's death. Cassie begins to suspect that her father, Martin, is hiding something from her when she discovers a train ticket in his pocket, and a series of unknown payments on his credit card.

The discovery that Walker was sexually abused during his time in primary education leads the team to suspect that the perpetrator, if still alive, would be in his early 80s. Sunny interviews Walker's best friend, James Gregory Richard Hope , who claims that in the days leading up to his death, Walker confronted the abuser, who denied being involved in any such abuse.

Itv watch again unforgotten book

Cassie visits the address found on the back of Walker's business card, and interviews Marion's mother and sister, Joy and Elise, who claim at the time of Walker's death, Marion was the only one living at the house and could be the only person to have given out the address.

Checks on Marion's criminal history reveal she was arrested in for assaulting a police officer during a protest march, and that she was living at an address with a known IRA conspirator. Meanwhile, Sara is forced to tell her husband, Hassan, about her past life, and Colin reveals that he had a mental breakdown and was sectioned just days before Walker disappeared.

Sara's life begins to fall apart when her son overhears details from her secret past, and inadvertently manages to tell all of his friends.

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Meanwhile, Cassie discovers that Colin was sacked from his City job in for reportedly sexually assaulting one of his female colleagues during an office party, a fact which leads her to believe that Colin was framed for the attack. Meanwhile, Marion is suspended from work after Zoe absconds from her parents' care. Concerns that his private fantasies may have spilt over into his charity work are confirmed when Ellen Price, a resident at one of the care homes where Walker volunteered, comes forward to tell the police that Walker interfered with her and other children at the home.