Bible Book Of Job Chapter 40-41

Bible book of job chapter 40-41

Job Chapter Verses God again challenged Job to respond: would he dare to bring charges against Him? Job had accused God; now God asked what right he had to do so. The Lord having discoursed largely of the works of nature, in order to reconcile the mind of Job to his works of providence, stopped and made a pause for a little space that Job might answer if he thought fit.

But he being entirely silent, the Lord began again.

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Job "Shall he that contendeth with the Almighty instruct [him]? God challenged Job to answer all the questions he had posed. Job had spoken a little forward, when he wanted to bring his case to the LORD face to face. We must remember the great stress and pain that Job was under at the time.

He truly wanted to know what he had done to deserve this terrible punishment. We also must remember that Job was unaware of the challenge Satan had placed before God in his servant Job. One last thing we must remember is no matter how bad it got, Job did not curse God, as Satan had said he would. I will say not more. He knows he should not have found fault with the Almighty. He should not have insisted on his own understanding. He should not have thought God unjust.

So he was reduced to silence at last. With great respect, Job confesses his insignificance in the presence of the Lord in his first response. All his complaints against God were empty and futile.

Job, whose confusion had made him silent, at length answered with great humility. Job "Behold, I am vile; what shall I answer thee? I will lay mine hand upon my mouth. I am a mean, sinful, and wretched creature, and not worthy to speak unto thy majesty. I will humbly and willingly submit myself to thee.

Job realized that he had spoken a little too boldly to the LORD.

Bible book of job chapter 40-41

He said, "I will say no more". Job "Once have I spoken; but I will not answer: yea, twice; but I will proceed no further.

Bible book of job chapter 40-41

Or speak again. I confess my fault and folly, and will contend no more with thee. The definite number being used indefinitely.


Vain, therefore, are the excuses which some interpreters make for Job, as if he were faultless in his foregoing speeches, when both God charges him with blame therein. And Job himself confesses that he was to blame. Job admitted that he had spoken twice, as if he would instruct God and that was a mistake.

I do not believe that God would find too much error in this, since Job was really inquiring what he had done wrong. God again spoke from the whirlwind, daring Job to try running the universe according to the retribution principle.

Commentary for Job 41

See the notes at Job God here resumes the argument which had been interrupted in order to give Job an opportunity to speak and to carry his cause before the Almighty, as he had desired see Job Since Job had nothing to say, the argument, which had been suspended, is resumed and completed.

Job "Gird up thy loins now like a man: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me. And prepare to give an answer to what should be demanded of him. The same way of speaking is used in Job ; see notes. This message, like the previous message spoken from the whirlwind, was spoken to Job by God. The difference here, is that the reprimand this time was for Job, instead of Elihu.

God will show Job the workings of God more fully in this. Verses Job "Wilt thou also disannul my judgment? Wilt thou not only contend with, but set aside My judgment or justice in the government of the world?

God had not said that Job had sinned. He reprimanded Job for questioning His judgement. He realized that Job thought himself to be a righteous man.

Bible book of job chapter 40-41

God knew Job was a righteous man in His sight, but he did not want Job thinking he was righteous in his own right. Job "Hast thou an arm like God? Hast thou, a poor, weak worm of the earth, an arm comparable to his, who upholds all things? The power of creatures, even of angels themselves, is derived from God, limited by him, dependent on him.

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But the power of God is original, independent, and unlimited: he can do everything without us; we can do nothing without him. And therefore, we have not an arm like God. The meaning is: Thou art infinitely short of God in power, and therefore in justice: for all his perfections are equal and infinite. Injustice is much more likely to be in thee, an impotent creature, than in the Almighty God see Job Therefore, do not presume to contend with him. God felt that He must continue showing Job His power and greatness.

Job had apologized for speaking out of line, but God wanted Job to further realize his position.

Commentary for Job 40

Job "Deck thyself now [with] majesty and excellency; and array thyself with glory and beauty. God is at all times "clothed with majesty and strength" Psalm He "decks himself with light as with a garment" Psalm Job is challenged to array himself similarly. God was describing his own dress. He is Majesty and Strength at all times.

Bible book of job chapter 40-41

God is engulfed in Light so bright, it is above the light of the sun. God showed Job that he could not dress himself with such as this. God had dressed Job in his robe of righteousness however. Job "Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath: and behold every one [that is] proud, and abase him. Work thyself up into a passion, at least seemingly; put on all the airs of a wrathful and enraged king on a throne of state, whose wrath is like the roaring of a lion, and as messengers of death.

Pour out menaces plentifully, threatening what thou wilt do; and try if by such means thou canst humble the spirit of a proud man, as follows. Among the many instances of divine power the Lord settles upon this one, and proposes it to Job to try his skill and power upon, the humbling of a proud man.

God was showing Job, that power of this kind belonged to God alone. Job "Look on every one [that is] proud, [and] bring him low; and tread down the wicked in their place. Hide them in the dust together; and bind their faces in secret.

Book of Job

The idea of verse 11 , is still further insisted on. Let Job manifest himself as a power among men, if he cannot rival God in nature. Let him set the world to rights. Then he may claim to be heard with respect to the moral government of God. Job "Hide them in the dust together; [and] bind their faces in secret. Either in the dust of death, that they may be seen no more in this world, in the same place and circumstances where they showed their pride and haughtiness.

Or in the dust of the grave, and let them have an inglorious burial, like that of malefactors thrown into some common pit together. As, when multitudes are slain in battle, a large pit is dug, and the bodies are cast in together without any order or decency. Or it may be rendered "alike", let them be treated equally alike, no preference given to one above another. Or to the dead when buried, whose faces are bound with napkins, as Lazarus's was John The meaning of all these expressions is, that Job would abase and destroy, if he could, every proud man he met with, as God does, in the course of his providence, sooner or later.

There had been instances of divine power in this way before, or in the times of Job, which might come to his knowledge.

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As the casting down of the proud angels out of heaven 2 Peter ; and of casting proud Adam out of paradise Gen. And of dispersing the proud builders of Babel, Gen. Of course He was not intending for Job to do these things.

Job could not and would not try to right all the wrong in the world. That is the job of God. Job "Then will I also confess unto thee that thine own right hand can save thee.

Bible book of job chapter 40-41

If you can do all this, it will be full proof that you can save yourself, and that you do not need the divine interposition. If he could do all this, then it might be admitted that he was qualified to pronounce a judgment on the divine counsels and dealings.

Bible book of job chapter 40-41

He would then show that he had qualifications for conducting the affairs of the universe. But since thou can do none of these things, it behooves thee to submit to me, and to acquiesce in my dealings with thee.